Meet Howard – Rocky Bay Training Officer

Howard holding his cat, both are wearing colourful Hawaiian shirts

Supporting someone living with a disability is one of the most important roles we can imagine, and keeping our customers safe is the priority. Rocky Bay’s Training Team offer various courses to help carers and other service providers and organisations learn the best approach, including First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, Medication training, catheter and … Read more

Telepractice research takes the stage at Rocky Bay

Cloe sits at her desk conducting a telepractice session. She wears a bright red jumper and is smiling at the camera

As Rocky Bay’s Telepractice Research Project Coordinator, Cloe Benz’s expertise is more in demand than ever, with telepractice fast becoming popular among Rocky Bay customers. Cloe’s research, which is part of her scholarship with Curtin University, funded by Research Office Curtin, delves into proactive and preventative health care for customers via digital platforms, also known … Read more

Meet Stephanie, and learn more about Support Coordination

Support Coordination helps to implement supports into a participant’s plan. Support Coordinators are independent advisers who can help you navigate the NDIS, gather and interpret information about the services you need. The more supports you require, the more Support Coordination may benefit you. What do Support Coordinators do? The role of a Support Coordinator is … Read more

Celebrating our Support Workers!

Support Worker Vikash in a blue tee shirt and smiling at the camera

Friday 6 August is Support Worker Day at Rocky Bay! It’s a chance for us to recognise the incredible work of our support workers across our Community and Supported Accommodation divisions, and the vital work they do to support customers each and every day. Meet Vikash Ghumundee – he has been a Support Worker with … Read more

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