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A happier, healthier you is waiting.

What does being well look like for you? Socialising more? Regaining functionality? Better eating habits? A greater sense of self-belief? Whether you’re on the journey to overcoming an unexpected trauma or looking for new ways to make the most of your abilities, the friendly team at Rocky Bay has all the health services you need under one roof.

Think of us as a super health hub, home to everything from physio, to speech therapy and mental wellness. Our investment in people and technology is next level, from our incredible Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) bikes, to our hydrotherapy pool, sensory rooms and Milo (a humanoid robot therapist for kids challenged with social skills). Whatever you need, we have it. It really does make it so much easier and convenient for you (the reduced paperwork alone is worth it!).

When we have our first chat, our job is to understand what needs to go well in order for you to live the life you want. Where do you want to be? What’s holding you back? It’s important we fully understand your needs so we can plan for a transition of services to take place.

which service is right for you?


The NDIS is about giving you choice and control over where funding is allocated. Together we can help you find the programs that help you meet #yourgoals.

Rocky Bay’s therapists work with people of all ages and abilities across the following disciplines:

A young boy talks to a Rocky Bay therapist

Autism Assessments

Confirming your child’s autism diagnosis can help you access appropriate resources and supports, and can help your child thrive. Fast track the diagnosis process…

rocky bay client uses the fitness therapy service. his arms are stretched out and holds rocky bay equipment. he has a smile on his face and wears a red hoodie with a grey t shirt.

Fitness Therapy

Integrate exercise into your daily life. Fitness Therapy takes an individualised approach to meet your goals around strength, fitness, mobility and recovery.

dietitian wears a white shirt and looks at colourful charts on documents with fresh food and a measuring tape on the desk surrounding the dietitian.


Overcome food related barriers and find new ways to be healthy. Dietetics provide solutions when food issues become a source of concern.

rocky bay customer is receiving hydrotherapy in a pool with a physician behind him working on his back. he has a rocky bay provided floating devices around his neck and in his right hand.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Learn a new way of living after spine or brain injuries. Our team provides recovery support through innovative assistive technology and therapy.

a rocky bay registered nurse sits and smiles with a rocky bay client who lives with a disability. the nurse is checking the client's blood pressure at home.


Receive treatment from registered nurses from the comfort of home. Our nurses come to you, providing essential care for many healthcare needs.

a rocky bay occupational therapist assists the neck of a child who lives with a disability. the child sits in a wheelchair. his family member places a hand to the top of his head.

Occupational Therapy

Build confidence and increase independence in all aspects of daily life through the right combination of support, equipment and technology.

a child engages in a hydrotherapy for autism session at rocky bay perth. the child sits in a floating chair and wears a blue swim suit, red cap and black goggles. the child is smiling with their feet dangled in the water.

Hydrotherapy for Autism

Improve confidence, fitness and motor skills in a low sensory environment. Hydrotherapy for Autism is a pool based ASD water safety program.

a close up image of the sole of a foot. the person gives themselves a foot massage with their hands.


Treat issues relating to feet, ankles and lower limbs. Podiatry offers therapy, treatment and footwear solutions building greater comfort and confidence.

a rocky bay physiotherapist treats a client's knee. they are inside a physio gym. the client lives with a disability and sits in a wheelchair.


Reduce physical injuries and relieve lifelong conditions. Our physios help your functional mobility through exercise, postural support and respiratory care.

a rocky bay speech therapist and a child sit at an arts and craft table together. They smile and look at the child's hands.

Speech Therapy

Our speech pathologists diagnose and treat difficulties communicating or swallowing due to developmental delays, learning disabilities or injury.

a rocky bay speech therapist treats a child in the speech clinic. they are looking at each other while sitting at a table.

Speech Clinics

Go beyond reading and spelling at a single word level. Our Speech Clinics specialise in one-on-one support to improve speech and advance literacy.

infant participates in the early start intervention program. he sits on a medical bed while a rocky bay medical professional treats his back. another rocky bay medical professional engages with the child.

Early Start Intervention Program

A 12-month research based therapy program for children under 5 years of age with developmental delay, or a diagnosis of a range of risk…

vector graphic of a dumbbell next to a stack of books which have a cup of hot coffee on top.

Exercise Physiology

Is it time to make a lifestyle change? Are you looking to improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing? Rocky Bay’s highly trained and…

Happy smiling grey haired woman talking to another person

Continence Clinics

Our skilled nurses can help you manage your incontinence with continence aids, helping with related skin problems and offer the new products or solutions…


Children’s Continence Clinics

Rocky Bay’s skilled team can help manage your child’s continence, giving your family more freedom.



Many of our allied health services are offered via telepractice, to support you in the way that best suits your needs.

Boy with cerebral palsy rides a horse with the help of volunteers


Hippotherapy is a form of physical therapy using the movements of a horse to improve balance, strength and stability.

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