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Specialist Disability Accommodation is a game-changer, providing you with the opportunity to move into the right home, living with the right people, accessing the right supports – and SHIFT Accessible Homes is leading the way. As a Rocky Bay company, we have a deep and intuitive understanding of how people living with disability want their home to serve them.

More than just property developers, SHIFT Accessible Homes have years of experience in supported accommodation. As a Rocky Bay company, the SHIFT Accessible Homes team has access to a long, rich history of accumulated knowledge and insights working with people living with disability and delivering accessible solutions. This unique grounding ensures we intuitively seek to understand the best ways to use living spaces to support you in achieving your dreams. 

Custom options for independent living

Are you happy in the home you live in now, but are finding your current facilities no longer meet your changing health and living needs? A home assessment can open your eyes to what life looks like when you can make the simplest of decisions without having to rely on anyone. Rocky Bay’s occupational therapy team can explore modification options to determine how changes can be made to help you take control of basic daily tasks and gain independence. Whether it’s showering with little help or reaching the vanity to wash your hands, modifying your home can have an instant positive impact on your health and wellbeing.

Sometimes it’s not possible to modify your current home to meet your needs. If that’s the case, we can help you explore whether you’re eligible for Specialist Disability Accommodation via SHIFT Accessible Homes. 

Reaching your goals

We understand everyone has different support needs. 

We can help you to:
–  Move into supported living
–  Transition from supported to independent living
– Actively support you to achieve your goals

If you have higher needs and require a supported living option, such as shared or guest housing, our support workers will be there to take care of all your day-to-day needs, from domestic tasks and personal care, right through to day trips and outings. If your goal is to live as independently as possible, we’ll actively support you to do as much for yourself as you feel is needed to make daily life work for you. Our support workers will find out what your goals are, then work with you to increase your abilities through skill building programs.

If SDA isn’t right for you we can help you choose the right accommodation

We have a comprehensive range of accommodation options. Working together, we can find the right option for you. 

Many families reach a point when the best way forward for everyone is to explore supported living arrangements away from home. Our Shared Houses allow you to live permanently with other residents. For those able to live semi-independently, we have fully accessible houses in the community with onsite access to support workers. 

Not ready to move out permanently? A short holiday away from your normal activities can be invigorating for you and your loved ones while also acting as a stepping stone to more independent living. We provide short term accommodation at our Guest Houses in Rockingham, Beeliar and Gosnells for people aged 18 and over, fitted with the latest technology and equipment to make your stay comfortable and relaxing. Many carers also rely on our guest houses for short stays in emergency situations.

Life changing ability

Living in new or more use-friendly surroundings often helps people come out of their shell and take up more opportunity to be immersed in the community, meet new people and build life skills. For parents, this can provide the time and space to create better relationships. The benefits can be truly life changing. Confidence and self-belief grows as you explore your interests at home and move toward a stronger sense of self-reliance.

To learn more about Shift, see our properties and to see if you qualify, visit the website today.


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