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Lady Lawley Cottage, Cottesloe

In 2023, Rocky Bay reopened Lady Lawley Cottage and since then we’ve dedicated ourselves to transforming our Hub by the Sea into a safe and nurturing environment.

We have proudly supported children and youth from the charming site in Cottesloe, with our range of specialist children’s services including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, pediatric continence, dietetics and podiatry.

Our efforts to bring new life back to Lady Lawley Cottage have reached an important milestone, with stage 1 refurbishment works commencing after the Town of Cottesloe granted the necessary Building Permit.

Thanks to our fundraising efforts, we have secured funds for this first of the two stages, with stage 2 fundraising to continue while stage 1 works progress.

What is changing?

The charming heritage building and spaces specially designed for children and youths will soon embrace a growing array of specialist children’s services, offering exciting opportunities to engage in inclusive play, nurture relationships and develop new skills.

Plans for the site will enhance accessibility, safeguarding measures and the overall aesthetics of the aging facility, which will allow our customers to access some great specialist spaces, such as:

  • A sensory room
  • Soft-play facilities
  • Purpose built craft/activity spaces
  • Kitchen for both cooking activities and lifeskills programming
  • Outdoor activity spaces/playgrounds

While the works are intended to bring new life to the facility, feedback received during consultation activities has informed a commitment to creating a homely and welcoming environment, with plenty of space for children and youths to connect and build friendships.

The works program

While work is undertaken on buildings A, B and C, our existing Clinical and Community services will continue as usual in the two buildings closest to the beach (buildings D and E).

Expected Duration Anticipated Dates
Telethon accessible merry-go-round Underway
Works completion B and C 8 weeks Underway
Fitout, equipment and fixtures (B, C) 6 weeks Commencing 24 July
Works completion A 16 weeks Underway
Fitout, equipment and fixtures 6 weeks Commencing 5 August
Buildings D and E refurbishment Pending funding Preliminary: September – December

These works have been made possible thanks to support from the Stan Perron Charitable Foundation, the Association of the Advancement of Brain Injured Children and various other smaller donations.

How does this impact our customers?

Thanks to our robust planning, all our services will continue with minimal impact on our current programs from the facility. We are also actively working to keep our staff and customers well informed about the works program, with a strong commitment to minimising any potential impacts from the works underway.

A note on stage 2

Stage 2 will see the upgrade to the two accommodation units (buildings D and E) to offer a range of modern respite options for children and their families.

Keep up to date

We’ll continue to update you on our exciting milestones in revamping our Lady Lawley Cottage, with regular progress reports to be shared on this page. Alternatively, you can register below to have updates sent direct to your inbox. Additionally, if you have any questions regarding the refurbishment works, please feel free to email them through to [email protected].

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Mosman Park

Rocky Bay is working towards the sale of a large portion of our McCabe Street premises in Mosman Park in order to fund facilities better able to support Western Australians living with disability.

In announcing our intentions in September 2022, Chief Executive Officer Michael Tait said: “Mosman Park is not where the vast majority of our customers are – as Perth expands to the east, that is where the needs are the greatest.”

An Expression of Interest process for the site in late 2022 revealed significant interest, however the lack of zoning over the site created uncertainty about its future use. In response, Rocky Bay and its consultants embarked on a planning process which culminated in the submission of a ‘Scheme Amendment Request’ to the Town of Mosman Park. Our proposal includes significant consideration of the wide range of feedback that we received from our local residents and other stakeholders during community consultation, lengthy and considerable consultation with the Council and Officers of the Town of Mosman Park, and due consideration of the intentions of the Town’s planning policies.

The purpose of the Scheme Amendment is to provide more clarity for potential purchasers around how future residential development could be considered over the site. The proposal is currently with the State government pending approval to progress to Public Consultation.

Mosman Park Ariel Photo
Michael Tait


Rocky Bay has purchased a site on Abernethy Road in Belmont to help us grow and respond to the changing needs of people living with disability in Western Australia.

Following the 2022 purchase, Rocky Bay embarked on a significant planning process with architects Hames Sharley. In May 2023, plans for Rocky Bay’s transformational new disability, health and community facility were unanimously approved at the May meeting of the Joint Development Assessment Panel.

Rocky Bay’s efforts are currently focused on the sale of our Mosman Park premises as detailed above, as the sale is an important source of funding for the project.

Read more about the proposed facility here.

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