Social Skills

Expressing yourself, making friends

The team at Rocky Bay is here to help you move towards more meaningful social connections by developing their confidence, connections, relationships and freedom to express themselves. 

Personalised and meaningful connections

Social Connection Therapy Groups use fun games and activities as platforms for kids to meet like-minded individuals and build meaningful relationships, in a safe group setting and tailored to individual needs.

Programs are delivered in a neurodiversity-affirming format, where neurodivergent ideas are valued and supported. From exploring the relationship between body movement and emotional regulation, to using mindfulness to deal with emotions and anxiety, building with Lego and video-gaming, groups are designed to be fun and meaningful for you.

Life changing ability

By learning to identify and validate feelings, value diversity, explore the perspectives of others and problem-solve in ways that suit them, individuals can build their ability to make meaningful connections. This can look like:

  • increased awareness of needs
  • emotional regulation and co-regulation strategies
  • access to functional communication
  • development of self-advocacy skills.

With time, individuals may feel more safe, confident and in control when interacting with others. Accessing social interaction in a way that suits us is very beneficial for supporting quality of life.

By connecting with like-minded individuals across interest-based, fun and meaningful activities, we set the scene for the development of authentic friendships. Rocky Bay provides a range of supports to develop social connection for individuals of all ages, through 1:1 therapy, therapy groups, clinics, and hub-based activities and community access.

which service is right for you?


The NDIS is about giving you choice and control over where funding is allocated. Together we can help you find the programs that help you meet #yourgoals.

a lego house with a lego man in front of it holding a lego wrench.

Building Buddies

Through playing with LEGO®, help kids focus their energy on different roles and tasks, all while building their social skills, communication and confidence.

three teenage boys play video games together.

Gaming Group

Build social development using video games. Discover the benefits of teamwork and learn social skills like self-control, defeat, planning and organisation.

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