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Caring is sharing

Are you selflessly caring for a child living with disability and want to do everything possible to help? Maybe you’re feeling tired, stressed and looking for answers? As your partner in possibility, the friendly team at Rocky Bay is here to help arm you with the strategies, skills and confidence to take all the challenges head on.

Move towards more confident caring

Rocky Bay’s workshops ensure your child’s learning extends to all touch points of their lives by making you part of the process. Consistency of communication style is key – together, we can give you the confidence to move forward with clarity.

These workshops arm parents and carers with tools and strategies to successfully set limits, anticipate difficult moments and respond to challenging behaviours as you work towards improving your child’s social skills. Three people are invited to attend, to work alongside our trained, qualified therapists, ensuring your child has their extended network covered.

All of our programs are research based. In fact, we won’t run a program unless we’ve run a pilot to test its effectiveness. So you know that everything we work on together will be worthwhile and rewarding.

Life changing lessons

When you start seeing the results you’ll experience a weight lifted off your shoulders. By building your tool kit of strategies, you’ll be better prepared to deal with challenges and changes as they arise, moment to moment. The more ideas you have to try, the less overwhelming everyday life feels and the more confident you become.

Most parents and carers feel a sense of relief and achievement as the small wins add up. You’re taking steps to bring things under control – and it feels amazing.

which service is right for you?

a rocky bay speech therapist is leading a hanen: more than words session.

Hanen: More Than Words®

Coach your child to communicate and interact with confidence. These insightful workshops provide you with tools to help children break down barriers.

a group of women are being trained in AAC with a PODD book.

Tech Talkers®

A training program for parents filled with fun and helpful ways to understand and optimise your child’s alternative communication devices.

a parent is playing with a child who lives with a disability.

Parenting by Connection

Manage tricky situations, set limits, anticipate difficult moments and respond to challenging behaviour with our six-week child/parent relationship course.


Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk®

Learn your child’s unique way of communicating. A workshop to build strategies around empowering children to improve and initiate everyday communication.


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