For too long people living with disability have been forced to live in inappropriate accommodation – including young people in a nursing homes, group houses in disrepair or staying at home beyond parents being able to provide adequate care.

Rocky Bay is seeking to improve the experience of home for people living with disability through sensitive accommodation solutions that enrich the lives of residents while addressing their care needs.

The Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) initiative under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) recognises the importance of the built form, with funding for better accessible homes to help residents live their best possible lives.

However, lasting change needs to include evaluation, learning from experience and information-sharing to nurture continuous improvement towards safe, contemporary and accessible housing for people with disability.

As such, we are soon to launch collaborative research on the impact of appropriate and accessible housing design on quality of life for people living with disability in Western Australia.

Your support of Rocky Bay will help to bring a much-needed spotlight to disability design needs and quality of life within the home space. Thank you!

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Wishing Tree

Give a gift with meaning. A donation to The Wishing Tree in your loved one’s name can make a difference to those living with…

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Your kindness can live on to help others. Whatever the size, all money bequeathed to Rocky Bay goes directly to those living with disability.

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Community Fundraising

Get together with friends and hold your own event or activity. Community Fundraising is a rewarding, fun way to raise money for necessary services.

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Corporate Partnerships

Experience the benefits of aligning your organisation with ours, strengthening and enhancing your appeal to customers, employees and stakeholders.

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