Speech Pathology


The world and its possibilities are open to us when we can communicate effectively with others. Speech therapy with Rocky Bay gives you the opportunity to work with our Speech Pathologiststo find the best solution for your communication needs.

Speech, sign language, body language, manual or electronic communication devices – Rocky Bay Speech Pathologists take a holistic approach to communication and include your friends, family, carers and support network in this approach, to surround you with people all using the same language. This approach embodies our Mission, to break down barriers and create opportunities for individuals to participate fully in all aspects of life.

Speech pathologists at Rocky Bay assist people of all ages and all abilities including:

  • A young child learning the mechanics of making certain sounds
  • A primary school-aged child struggling to make friends
  • A young adult learning to be more independent by text messaging and reading menus
  • An adult learning to form words again after a stroke.
  • Literacy
  • Language
  • Speech or sound disorders
  • School readiness and play skills
  • Social skills
  • Complex communication needs
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
  • Neurorehabilitation for acquired communication disorders
  • Mealtime management and dysphagia assessment and intervention
  • Fussy eating

But it’s more than just speech and communication, our staff are also experts in swallowing and Dysphagia and can assist with the devices, foods and drinks you can use to eat easily and safely. Let us show you the utensils, thickeners and pre-packaged foods you’ll love – then, partner with a Rocky Bay dietician to really set you on a path to success. When we work together, anything is possible.

Our Speech Pathology team are available at our 10 hubs in the Perth metro region, the Peel region, and in Geraldton. The team also works with our other therapy offerings including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietitian and the neuro rehab team, to provide the holistic approach best suited to supporting you in achieving your goals.




Rocky Bay customer Michael being photographed by his support worker Gail


For Rocky Bay customer Michael and his family, the journey...

Rocky Bay customer Bernie smiling at the camera at the cuddly animal farm


Rocky Bay customer Bernie can now visit the Swan Valley...

Customer Darryl smiling and looking at the camera in front of his artwork


Darryl Dempster continues to shine in the art world with...

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