Our Commitment To You


At Rocky Bay we're inspired and energised by the power of possibility. That's why as industry leaders, we take it upon ourselves to drive positive change by ensuring you feel valued and heard. We will continue to work alongside you, your family, carers and guardians to play our part in establishing a national culture of respect for all individuals. Together, we can create a brighter future. With a commitment to quality and service excellence, we are your partner in possibility, actively supporting you on your journey. 

By listening to you, sharing your ideas, and encouraging you to speak up, take control, and get involved, we support you in achieving your goals with our comprehensive range of NDIS therapies and support services. 

With 11 hubs across Perth, including our Geraldton hub serving the mid-west, and our Rockingham and Mandurah hubs catering to the Peel region, we are deeply committed to understanding and connecting with your community to help you achieve your goals. 

Our holistic approach, encompassing community services, therapy programs, and supported accommodation, is designed to help you achieve your full potential. We are dedicated to supporting you through life's transitions. 

We invite you to take a moment to get a better understanding of what we're constantly working towards at Rocky Bay, our commitment to you. Click here to view our Rocky Bay 2023/2028 Strategic Plan.

Our Customer Experience Principles

Our customer experience principles are the cornerstone of our service delivery, reflecting our commitment to ensuring our customers feel supported, valued, involved, and celebrated. Developed through feedback, consultation, and research with our customers, these principles encompass:

Keeping our promises

We simply do what we say we’ll do. You’ll never be left waiting thinking someone has forgotten about you. We have your best interests at heart.

Showing you we care

You won’t feel like just a number. We will make you feel important. We are all committed to making sure you get the best results.

Making it simple

Life throws enough challenges at you. We will make it easy for you to access the services you need, when you need them.

Engaging and involving you

We will seek out your opinions and allow you to have input in your outcomes. We'll take the time to understand you and really listen.

Sharing your aspirations

We are passionate about celebrating your successes and goals right alongside you. We’re partners in possibility.


A photo of a young Rocky Bay customer sitting in his wheelchair and talking to two Rocky Bay therapists using his AAC device. He is looking at them and smiling while pointing at the screen of his device. His wheelchair has a colourful lego design on the wheel.

At Rocky Bay we want people living with disability to feel included, accepted and valued. Importantly, we also want you to be heard. All feedback is welcome via our contact form here.

At Rocky Bay we want people living with disability to feel included, accepted and valued. Importantly, we also want you to be heard. All feedback is welcome via our contact form here.

Young Rocky Bay customers laughs with a therapist

This is what we stand for

Our Purpose

To create inclusive communities for people of all abilities

Our Vision

To understand, connect and partner with the community to enable customers to achieve their aspirations

Our Mission

To break down barriers and create opportunities for individuals to participate fully in all aspects of life and by embracing diversity and promoting inclusion, we can collectively build a society that celebrates and values every individual

Our Values

Providing excellent customer service

Everything we do is carefully planned and tailored to meet your individual needs

Looking for better ways

We constantly review our performance, staying on top of new ways to make your experience better

Working together

Our willingness to work with our customers, stakeholders and team members determines our success

Being professional and accountable

We continue to set new standards in professionalism, respect and courtesy

A graphic with a colourful pink and purple background and a photo of a happy Rocky Bay customer wearing a bright blue tshirt and a grey hooded zip up. He is smiling at the camera.
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