Daily Living


What is Daily Living?

Daily Living at Rocky Bay is all about ensuring you feel at ease and self-assured while tackling everyday activities. We value you for who you are and understand that your aspirations are unique.

On your daily agenda, you might find tasks like deciding what to have for lunch, taking a bus to town, meeting up with friends, going bowling, catching a game at the stadium, visiting your preferred café, or having online chats with friends.

Our role at Rocky Bay is to organise activities that align with the life you wish to lead. To achieve this, your input guides us in selecting the right activities together. By asking questions, we gain insights into your current life stage and future aspirations. Your responses enable us to tailor our services to your needs.

Our goal is to customise your Daily Living experiences to match your age, preferences, and interests, be it feeding ducks at the lake or heading out shopping with friends. Recognising that everyone has unique life goals, we curate experiences that bring you joy and contentment. If being surrounded by like-minded people contributes to your happiness, we can make that happen too.

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The NDIS is about giving you choice and control over where funding is allocated. Together we can help you find the programs that help you meet your goals.

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