Sensory Rooms


At Rocky Bay, our staff will collaborate with you to explore and understand your unique sensory requirements. By identifying your sensory preferences, we provide personalised strategies that enhance your independence in daily activities. Our sensory rooms offer a tranquil and inviting space, encouraging engagement and providing opportunities to explore in a calm environment. You can find Rocky Bay’s sensory rooms at our Mosman Park and Joondalup hubs.  

The Sensory Room also provides:
  • A new and different place to spend time, encouraging activity and allowing visitors the opportunity to explore the environment
  • Non-directive activities that help communication
  • An enjoyable, safe and secure environment that allows visitors to relax physically and mentally
  • A place to develop social skills, interaction and awareness of others
  • An opportunity to learn and acquire new skills.
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The room boasts a range of equipment including bubble tube with remote controls, vibro acoustic bean bag, solar projector, fan light – sound activated and fibre optic lighting. Most of the equipment can be used by either standard control or colour coordinated paddle switches.

Costs & Bookings

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