Early Start Intervention Program (ESIP)


With thanks to the generous support of a Telethon grant, Rocky Bay can offer our 12-month Early Start Intervention Program (ESIP) at no cost to children under 5 with no NDIS plan.

Our ESIP program has been instrumental in assisting young children, as well as their families, in achieving their developmental milestones. The program’s therapy is rooted in research and is accessible to children with developmental delays or those displaying signs, symptoms, and risk factors associated with rare diseases.

To determine if your child could benefit from ESIP, please refer to our eligibility criteria and risk factors outlined in the referral form, flyer, and FAQs provided below. We have a range of alternative early intervention options if you child does not meet the criteria for ESIP so please contact us.

Using a collaborative approach between Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology, your child will work towards their individualised goals at home and in the community. Your child will also have access to our hydrotherapy and play groups whilst in the program.

As parents and carers, you will build the confidence to continue development at home, improving your child’s participation in family and community life.

Participation in the program can help build your team of supports and networks, making life that much easier, with like-minded people around you.

When we partner together, anything is possible.

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