Privacy Policy


In regard to matters of privacy Rocky Bay primarily follows the Australian Privacy Principles outlined within the Privacy Act 1988 and subsequent amendments.

Retained Information

Rocky Bay shall collect personal information (including sensitive information) about customers, donors, potential donors and staff that is required in order to conduct the business of the organisation. This may include, though not be limited to, name, contact details, medical history, treatment case notes, next of kin, carers/guardians, places of education, date of birth, health identifiers, personal situation, nature of disability and, funding.

This information will only be collected with the consent of the individual.

Personally identifiable information shall be held in a combination of paper copies and within electronic systems, as is most appropriate to operations. Systems shall have well managed security access policies relevant to individual staff roles.

Accessing Personal Information

Personally identifiable information shall only be provided to the individual to which the information relates or their legal guardian. Rocky Bay reserves the right to deny access to information held about an individual in the following circumstances:

a. Where disclosure may present a threat to health or safety of any individual or public health or safety
b. Where disclosure may unreasonably impact upon privacy of others
c. Where disclosure relates to pending or existing legal
action between Rocky Bay and the individual
d. Where disclosure may reveal commercially sensitive information
e. Where disclosure to specific information is unlawful or
would prejudice enforcement proceedings

Third Party Disclosure

Rocky Bay will never disclose personally identifiable information to any third party, either locally or overseas, for any purposes other than the following:
a. Where the disclosure is required during the course of delivering contracted services to the individual; or,
b. Required by law or the courts to disclose information; or,
c. Agreed by Rocky Bay and with the consent of the individual to disclose information to a third party; or,
d. Where the information is otherwise publicly available
A register will be maintained that documents all circumstances where disclosures have been made under this section of the Policy.

Direct Marketing

Rocky Bay will not use personal or sensitive information about an individual for the purposes of direct marketing without the prior knowledge of the individual.
At any point individuals will always be able to opt-out of receiving direct marketing materials. Contact Rocky Bay to change your user preferences.

Correction of Information

Rocky Bay may at any time determine to amend personal information where it has been identified as being incorrect.
The individual or legal guardian may request that changes are made to their personal information if it is considered incorrect or misleading.

To do so, please contact our Customer Engagement Team by Phone – (08) 6282 1900 or email [email protected]

In the event Rocky Bay chooses not to amend the information as requested it will always provide the requester with reasons for the refusal. In this event the requester may thereafter request that a statement regarding the correction be appended to the record.

Where corrections are made to held information Rocky Bay will take all reasonable steps to notify any relevant third parties of such corrections, within the bounds of Third Party Disclosure section of this policy.

Privacy Complaints

All complaints regarding a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles or this policy should be submitted to [email protected] or via the Rocky Bay website.

Complaints can be lodged at no cost to the complainant.

Data breach /Unauthorised access

In the event of a data breach/unauthorised access to personal and sensitive information, that is likely to result in serious harm to the individual, Rocky Bay will notify affected individuals promptly either directly via telephone, SMS or email.

Where it is not practicable to notify individuals or Rocky Bay is unable to successfully contact individuals, a copy of the data breach statement, sent to the OIAC, will be published on the Rocky Bay website.

Updated June 2022

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