Fuelling bodies, inspiring abilities.

Having a healthy relationship with food can unlock all sorts of amazing life benefits – so what are #yourgoals? Are you ready to explore new foods to overcome fussy eating? Do you want to contribute more to cooking by learning how to find recipes that help you adapt to modified eating plans? Perhaps you’d like to make better eating choices that help fuel your body for better mobility? Or maybe you just want to be more independent around the house?

At Rocky Bay, we see food as a kind of medical nutrition therapy. Our dietetics service is designed to look at your condition or situation and prescribe a nutrition therapy to help meet those needs. It’s all about optimum living and being as healthy as you can be. We start with a nutrition assessment to find out more about things that might impact your eating (which could be something like nausea related to medication or bowel problems). Then we delve deeper into what’s affecting it, searching for clues as to what’s really going on so we can unlock new ways to meet your nutritional requirements. Often, we’ll identify causes outside of our expertise, such as psychological or swallowing issues. And thanks to our direct links to other teams in the Rocky Bay family, from OTs, to Speech Therapists and Psychologists, we can refer you to a specialist to ensure continuity of care. 

Our job is to give you a process to help overcome the barriers. We work one on one, using compassion (not judgement) to consider all the other things going on and try to work with you to introduce new foods in a safe way that feels comfortable. The results can be life changing. When you try new things or play an active role in preparing food, it’s possible to enjoy food more and relieve you or your carer of unnecessary stress and pressure.


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