Community is about finding the possibilities in the everyday. It’s about matching your abilities and your passions, and maybe learning some new skills along the way.

Partner with Rocky Bay for complete choice of how, when and where you spend your time – the possibilities are endless!

If you prefer a little more structure, a scheduled cooking,  arts class at The Studio could be for you. Work on your creative skills and push your imagination to the limit, while making some great friends in the process.

Perhaps you’d rather see where the day takes you, with a visit to the Community Centre at Mosman Park. Spend time in the music room, kitchen, or sitting on the lawn listening to music. If you’re the active sort, then a game of cricket or football may be for you.

You can also take some time out and delight your senses in one of Rocky Bay’s two Sensory Rooms located at Mosman Park and Joondalup. 

Explore the lights, sounds and textures in these state-of-the-art spaces filled with specialised technology that will help you develop social skills, interaction and awareness of others, in a quiet, safe and welcoming environment.

See more about our Sensory Rooms here.

Rocky Bay staff can assist you through more formalised programs such as ASDAN courses and the Duke of Edinburgh program.

Leisure and Community is also about friendship and a little respite. Partner with a Rocky Bay support worker to enjoy outings and activities during the day, or perhaps a sporting event on the weekend. We’ll do everything we can to match you with someone who feels more like a friend, someone who has similar interests to you. Go bowling, see a movie, visit your favourite café or just hang out. The possibilities are all there – it’s up to you.




Rocky Bay customer Michael being photographed by his support worker Gail


For Rocky Bay customer Michael and his family, the journey...

Rocky Bay customer Bernie smiling at the camera at the cuddly animal farm


Rocky Bay customer Bernie can now visit the Swan Valley...

Customer Darryl smiling and looking at the camera in front of his artwork


Darryl Dempster continues to shine in the art world with...

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