Hydrotherapy can offer people with disability a wide range of benefits, from helping to increase flexibility, decrease pain, relieve muscle spasms, and improve circulation.

Our hydrotherapy services offer water-based physical therapy to individuals with disabilities. Improved mobility not only helps in muscle strengthening but also facilitates swimming for individuals. Furthermore, hydrotherapy has the potential to provide remarkable pain relief.

Our team can work with you to incorporate the use of hydrotherapy pool sessions as part of your therapy services. Hydrotherapy can be accessed at our Mosman Park hub, in your local pool, your school pool, or even at your own pool in the comfort of home surroundings.

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Our team will tailor the hydro sessions to meet your needs, and to best achieve your goals. Work with our physiotherapist, occupational therapist or exercise physiologist teams to get the most out of your hydrotherapy.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy
  • Enhances exercise capacity by boosting cardiac function
  • Alleviates numbness in extremities, particularly legs and feet, through the augmentation of peripheral blood flow
  • Mitigates muscle spasms and fosters muscle relaxation, especially beneficial for individuals with neurological conditions
  • Enhances balance, mobility, postural stability, and motor activity in individuals with neurological conditions. Some individuals reliant on wheelchairs for land mobility can walk or run in water, thanks to buoyancy supporting their body weight
  • Alleviates arthritis symptoms, including joint swelling and pain
  • Boosts skin health by promoting increased blood flow to the skin and enhancing epidermal barrier function
  • A fun and engaging way to encourage children and adults to participate in therapy sessions

Contact us below or call us on (08) 6282 1900 to enquire about accessing hydrotherapy with Rocky Bay. Or check out our AUSWIM program here, which can also be a great way to achieve your child’s goals in a water based environment.




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