Children’s Continence Clinics


At our Continence Clinics, we provide a welcoming space for you and your child ages 4-18 years old to engage with our highly skilled nurses, encouraging open and honest discussions about any continence concerns you may have.

Our main objective is to work closely with your child to deliver a personalised solution that caters to the unique needs of your child. By providing Specialist care in supporting your child, we aim to overcome any sensory related issues and decrease the reliance of continence products, giving your child and your family more freedom.

We can also support with establishing healthy bowel and bladder habits, encompassing incontinence (urine and bowel), bed wetting and constipation and soiling.

Get medical care from the comfort of your home with telehealth appointments now available upon request! Telehealth offers a safe and convenient way to receive medical care via video conferencing or phone call.

Or you can attend one of our clinics, with an expanded range of options now available! We will be running sessions at Cockburn and Rockingham weekly, Duncraig, Gosnells and Ascot fortnightly and will also have weekly telehealth appointments available.

Scroll down for clinic details and to submit your referral form.

Rocky Bay’s Children Continence Clinics are currently operating on the below dates.

Mondays Weekly

  • Cockburn

Tuesdays Weekly

  • Rockingham

Alternate Wednesdays

  • Duncraig
  • Gosnells
  • Ascot

Monday to Thursday

  • Teleheath appointments available

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