Understanding the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding for those living with disabilities to access services to support your lifestyle. It gives you the control to choose what’s best for you and #yourgoals.

But with an intensive range of services to suit all types of needs, the NDIS can be hard to navigate. Its detailed ins-and-outs can be overwhelming when you’re not familiar with it. If you’ve received funding, our NDIS service can help you use it to your best advantage. We offer clarity around the NDIS and what is available to you, giving you more choice and control around how you use your funding.

The ins and outs

Our NDIS planning tool gives you a greater understanding of our approach to NDIS funding.

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Rocky Bay’s pricing structure is based on guidelines provided by the NDIS.

See the full list here.

Want to understand the NDIS a little better? We’ve put together some useful material that gives you a better understanding and helps get you started:

Two friends smiling and enjoying art and crafts together.


Brian is sitting infront of his diamond gem artwork. He wears a purple jumper and has a smile on his face.


Brian Matthews is a long time customer, and currently resides...



Twenty-year-old Mason Byworth, who lives with autism, recently experienced his...

Julie Marie sits at her computer in the APM office. She is wearing a white shirt and smiling at the camera

Julie Marie

Forging an exciting new career path was something 29-year-old Julie...


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