Meet Daniella – Rocky Bay Physiotherapist with a focus on paediatrics


Did you know Rocky Bay has a dedicated physiotherapy service in Mandurah that focuses on paediatrics? Rocky Bay Physiotherapist, Daniella Stoch, is a physio whose focus area is paediatrics and is based at the Mandurah hub three days a week, and in Ascot two days a week, providing services from early childhood intervention to the … Read more

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Lesley and Crystal ride again


Lesley, a Rocky Bay customer of nearly four years, has been able to continue her much loved hobby of riding her horse Crystal, thanks to some innovative thinking and funding from Rocky Bay’s Wishing Tree for a custom-built sulky. Lesley lives with fibromyalgia, a condition which causes severe muscle pain and stiffness. Riding is a … Read more

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Why is fibre important?


Our Advanced Clinician Dietician, Catherine, shares some information about fibre and why it is so important for a healthy, balanced diet. Be sure to also check out a delicious, healthy recipe for a zucchini slice that you can easily make at home below! WHAT IS FIBRE? Fibre is the parts of plant foods such as … Read more

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New lifelines of happiness


Danny, a Rocky Bay customer, enjoying a chat via Zoom Thanks to a simple new initiative, a few pieces of smart technology became an invaluable lifeline for residents at Rocky Bay’s independent living units in Mosman Park. As COVID-19 closed down traditional lines of communication between customers and the outside world, a few simple pieces … Read more

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