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Nov 5, 2020


Consistent with Rocky Bay’s commitment to always deliver customer-focused services, the on-boarding process for new customers with an NDIS plan has been simplified to allow new customers to start their services as soon as possible.

Previously, new customers would contact the Customer Engagement team and commence the on-boarding process over the phone. The information gathered was then referred to a therapy panel, followed by necessary administration to on-board the customer.

Thanks to a collaboration between Rocky Bay’s Therapy, Customer Engagement and Business Transformation teams, a new streamlined process was meticulously planned and rolled out to Duncraig as a pilot in February 2020, and was successfully implemented across all Rocky Bay hubs in April.

Numerous administrative tasks were stripped back and the process transitioned to a straightforward face-to-face meeting between the customer, an Allied Health Team Leader and a Customer Engagement Officer at the customer’s closest Rocky Bay hub.

The result allows for more transparency on wait times for our customers, who can now also sign up to Rocky Bay services on the same day and book their very first appointment. The wait time from a customer’s initial inquiry with Rocky Bay, to booking the first appointment with a therapist, has reduced from 100 or more days to less than 10 working days.

Customers can still on-board via a phone conference if unable to reach one of our hubs.

Rocky Bay’s Allied Health Team Leaders now have the ability to work more closely with Customer Engagement to give every new customer the support they need to make informed decisions about their services. The process also allows for greater insight into therapist’s skill sets and availability, potential wait times and the needs and priorities of the customer.

Rocky Bay has received positive and encouraging feedback from customers about the new, efficient process.

“Putting a face to a voice is extremely helpful. It’s helpful to see the interaction from others, the non-verbal communication,” said one customer, who has gone through the new on-boarding process.

Another customer explained how supported they felt thanks to the face-to-face meeting.

“The meeting was person-focused. I had a comprehensive understanding of what our service would look like from Rocky Bay.”

Rocky Bay has plans to roll out a similar process for Supported Accommodation and Community customers.

To find out more about Rocky Bay’s services and how we can support you, contact our Customer Engagement team on 08 6282 1900, or click here for information on our services.

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