Scott’s road to recovery

Feb 18, 2021


Scott Cameron, a 58-year-old father of three from Horrocks Beach, experienced a major life change following a stroke on the right side of his brain in 2016.

An independent and active man prior to his stroke, Scott enjoyed swimming and participating in sports such as surfing and running, in addition to his job as a high school teacher in Margaret River. In his earlier years, he travelled to the United States on a college baseball scholarship.

After the stroke, Scott was left with significant hemispatial neglect and hemianopia, which affected the left side of his body and meant that he had nil to limited movement on that side. He was unable to sit independently and used a wheelchair for mobility; he was also told it would be unlikely he would walk again.

He has since worked very hard to re-learn how to walk and use the left side of his body, and eventually got back to teaching, accessing the community and participating in sporting activities; but he is still working on his physical recovery.

“I would like to get some more fun and recreation into my life,” Scott says of his goal.

“And I would like to walk with more fluency”.

Since partnering with Rocky Bay in Geraldton, Scott, who was also the new hub’s very first client, has been receiving physiotherapy services to help build his strength, cardiovascular endurance and balance. He has continued to make progress in his recovery which aides his community based mobility, such as working, enjoying oceans swims, and regular walks on the beach. He also uses an exercise bike to improve his cardiovascular endurance.

Scott’s wife, Tracy, and their daughters, who now live across the state, support Scott with household chores, dressing, and most importantly, provide moral and emotional support.

Scott attends Rocky Bay’s new hub in Geraldton, 73km from his home in Horrocks Beach, where he relocated to from Margaret River at the end of 2019, and previously received extensive rehab in Perth and Bunbury over the past five years.

His Physiotherapist, EJ Warr, who treated Scott for over a year in Geraldton before joining Rocky Bay’s Clinical team, and whose experience is based in neuro-rehabilitation, said seeing complex neuro patients in a country town can be difficult without a range of resources available.

“I felt Rocky Bay would provide me with the support and knowledge that would benefit my clients here in the Mid-West region,” EJ said.

“It will be great to connect Geraldton to Rocky Bay’s resources and Perth-based team of therapists to maximise patient outcomes and quality of life, without the extensive travel.”

Scott travels from Horrocks Beach to Geraldton to receive therapy services with Rocky Bay, so the opening of the organisation’s first hub in the Mid-West is a welcome relief.

“It’s good to have the experience and the support of Rocky Bay as a therapy provider as an option for clients in Geraldton,” Scott said.

EJ said that Scott has made amazing progress since his stroke and since he has been able to access therapy services closer to home.

Scott has now become involved in his local community as a Committee Member for the Horrocks Community Centre, where he attends meetings for community planning, budgeting and event management.

In mid-2020, Scott made such strides that he was able to return to his high school teaching role in Northampton in a part-time capacity, three days per week.

“It has been amazing for Scott’s confidence as he is a passionate teacher, and with his background working for a sports academy in Margaret River, he is an asset to the Northampton community.”

If you’d like to find out more about Rocky Bay’s therapy services in Geraldton, call our friendly team on 1800 570 525.

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