Meet Kristy – Customer Experience and Insights Manager

Sep 24, 2021

Rocky Bay Customer Experience and Insights Manager, Kristy Willoughby

In an effort to become even more customer focused, Rocky Bay have made a new addition to our team in Kristy Willoughby, our Customer Experience and Insights Manager – a new role to Rocky Bay.

Kristy’s role will ensure Rocky Bay can make better business decisions by having a more in depth understanding of our customer’s needs in every respect, so that we can continue to deliver an outstanding customer experience every time.

Bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in market research and consultancy across various sectors including insurance, banking, finance, not for profits and local charities, we are so excited to have Kristy on our team and we can’t wait to see her implement some of her fresh and innovative ideas at Rocky Bay!

Get to know Kristy and her new role at Rocky Bay a little better with our Q&A below.

What will your new role at Rocky Bay involve?

My role as Customer Experience and Insights Manager is to enable Rocky Bay to have an in depth and thorough understanding of our customers to make better business decisions. This could mean understanding their attitudes, opinions, behaviours and needs to enable us across every area to deliver exceptional experiences. So to steal a phrase from Michael (our CEO) that I’m sure many of us have heard, I bring the ‘customer lens’ to the decisions that we make.  

Why did you choose Rocky Bay? 

I worked with Rocky Bay in my previous consulting role so I had a bit of an inside edge about who Rocky Bay was and what it did, but also how it was viewed by its stakeholders, staff and customers. I can see that there is a great opportunity for Rocky Bay to become truly customer centric and in turn become an ever better organisation, and I saw that my skills could really help achieve this.

Rocky Bay does some fantastic work, so if I can help enable the organisation to deliver it to more of the community that can only be a good thing.

Tell us more about your previous experience?

I started my career in customer experience and market research at RAC. I kind of fell into the role to cover a maternity leave position, but I very quickly developed a passion around understanding customer behaviours and attitudes.

From there I left to join a local market research consultancy where I spent almost ten years consulting for organisations across a wide variety of sectors and industries. From the banking and finance industry, retail and consumer markets, through to the not for profits and local charities.

My experience covers a range of research and insight methodologies and I’m excited to bring that experience and knowledge to Rocky Bay exclusively now.

What do you love to do in your free time?

I live in the Perth hills so I enjoy getting outside and into nature. I’m also into food and wine, I love cooking, eating out and exploring rich and diverse culinary and wine experiences.

What are three things you can’t live without and why?

1. Messenger & FaceTime – These keep me connected to my family. I come from a rather large family, I am the eldest of eight kids, all but one of them living over east, so these apps are precious to me to keep me connected to my family and see my nephews and nieces grow.

2. Audio books – Because I live in the hills I do have a trek each day to get to and from work, so these keep me sane. I can go through a book a week, especially when roadworks are happening!

3. Coffee – I truly enjoy a great cup of coffee and I love finding places that do a good brew!

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