International Nurses Day

May 12, 2021

Louise and Emma Rocky Bay nurses

What does it mean to be a nurse at Rocky Bay?

At Rocky Bay, we know there’s no place like home. The ability to be cared for in a place you already know and love is highly beneficial for your physical and mental health, and keeps you connected to your local community and the services that support you.

This International Nurses Day, we are proud to recognise the Rocky Bay nursing staff who help to make this possible for many stay at home customers.

Our community nursing team has been treating supported accommodation customers for over 15 years. Over the past few years we have extended our services to anyone in the local community requiring at-home visits across Perth, Joondalup and the Mandurah region.

As we take time to reflect on how tough it has been for nurses around the world, especially over the last 18 months, this year’s theme is an especially important one.

“A voice to lead, a vision for future healthcare” reflects the passion of our nursing staff who on a daily basis deal with ongoing diagnosis, requiring them to find innovative ways to treat the challenges our customers face, and not just attend to their symptoms.

The common needs of at-home patients is wound care and continence support. Although these issues might not seem significant, they can severely impact the quality of a patient’s life.

Wound care

Wound care is tremendously important work. Our clinical nursing staff have had great success with wound care methods which not only treat the wound, but improve our customers’ overall well-being. Our nursing staff are experts in wound care products and understand the best methods to ensure our customers are back to living comfortable lives as soon as possible.

Continence assistance

For any issues with bladder or bowel control, or if a patient needs a urinary catheter, Rocky Bay’s trained nurses can support people in need. Our nurses can assist with replacing continence devices, offer valuable advice and recommend suitable products to assist with day-to-day management.

Look out for our continence clinics, which will soon be starting up in our main hubs.

Rocky Bay nurses can change enteral feeding devices, PEG tubes and Nasogastric tubes, and can educate others on the care and use of these devices. Nurses can also help with cardiac monitoring, injections, pessaries and training of care staff. Our nurses can act as medical liaisons, providing advice and staff training to assist with hospital discharges, ensuring a quicker transition back to home.

Thank you to our wonderful nursing staff! To enquire about our community nursing service, please submit a contact form here or call Rocky Bay on 6282 1900

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