The road to safety with Constable Care

Sep 26, 2023

Photo of Rocky Bay customer riding a bike on a quiet street. He is wearing a helmet.

Nine Rocky Bay customers are now experts in road safety, thanks to Constable Care Safety School, and Rocky Bay’s Wishing Tree. 

Rocky Bay’s Wishing Tree program is funded entirely by donations, giving employees the chance to nominate their wish and make a difference to customers’ lives. This year, six wishes have been granted which have made dreams come true for people living with disabilities.  

After visiting the Safety School as a volunteer Rocky Bay Supported Accommodation Team Leader, Carol O’Brien, submitted the wish to help educate the customers who access the community as pedestrians or road users.  

The school provides training on bike safety and preparation, road skills, and then allows participants to use the outdoor course where participants can practice their skills through roundabouts, railway crossings, and various other real-life road features. 

The group had a fantastic time exploring the interactive track, that had a train station, bus stop, railway crossing and traffic lights. 

 When it comes to the impact this will have on participants’ lives, Carol says, “Our customers cycle out into the community on a day-to-day basis. It is important for everyone to know road rules, especially when we have customers who travel to work or are out in the community. “ 

Customers first completed a bike safety check, where they learned how to check and prepare their bikes prior to riding. They learned about preparing the bike for the road, safety features and how to safely fit a helmet. They practiced how to indicate with hand signals and how to ensure their helmet fits properly.  

They reviewed features of the road, such as what the signals mean and then they got to explore the track.  

A handful of customers have goals to move more in their day, get back on the roads or spend more time in the community. This trip helped the customers build their confidence and work towards their goals.  

The trip helped some customers who have goals to get back on the road or out into the community. 

“I hope this gives insight into how serious road safety is and gives them the opportunity to build their independence. I think their families and staff will leave feeling more confident that they’ve had training, and this will help build more trust and independence for them.”  

When Carol first started at the supported accommodation house, none of the customers living at the house even owned a bike. 

“Now eight customers ride their bikes, with some purchasing it personally or with their NDIS funding. I always refer to it as ’the bike club’, as they are getting out and staying active, ticking health, wellbeing and independence goals,” says Carol. 

“Without the Wishing Tree, customers would have to self-fund (the experience) …some families might not have been able to have paid for it, and our customers wouldn’t have had the experience. We are so grateful they could receive the wish. No matter what, we need to know the rules of the road.”  

Rocky Bay customer, Trudie Bridle, says “I was excited to come here and learn how to walk to work and feel safe. Normally I go with a support worker around the community, but I like to learn about the safety rules for the times I walk alone.”  

A big thank you to Constable Care Safety School for supporting our customers to learn and understand such valuable information about road safety.  

Find out more about Rocky Bay’s Wishing Tree here.

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