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Tech Talkers Facilitator Workshop

Welcome to Rocky Bay’s Tech Talkers Training!

Rocky Bay are excited to bring you Tech Talkers Training. Rocky Bay have been providing our Tech Talkers program to customers, their families and carers for a number of years. We are now proud to bring this training a step further and are ready to offer this to other Speech Pathologists and Allied Health staff who encounter customers with AAC needs. This knowledge sharing course is about bringing best practice AAC skills and training to as many customers as possible. 

What does the training look like?

Available as a half-day session, or a video conference split across two sessions, this interactive training will be facilitated by a Rocky Bay Speech Pathologist. The training will cover all of the aspects of what you will need to train your clients and their families. 

The training sessions are broken up between classroom learning sections, and breakaway group activities, helping you to put the information into practice straight away. These group activities will mirror the activities that you will run through with your clients and their families, and is a fascinating way of putting you in their shoes. 

After your evaluation, you will receive your certificate of completion, ensuring that you are ready to bring this training to your clients. 

What do I get with the training?

This training will give you the skills to teach your clients, and their families, how to use and get the most out of their AAC equipment. You will be able to provide teaching in one-on-one situations, or provide training to a group. 

You will have the peace of mind knowing that you are passing on the latest information and learnings to your clients, making you a valued part of their AAC journey. Our Rocky Team will be on hand after your training with updated content and support available for any further questions you may have. 

Your official Tech Talkers Training Pack you receive from us will have everything you need to run your own sessions, from powerpoints, presenter scripts, videos used in the sessions and practice sheets. 

For a full list of what is provided to you on completion of the training, check out our Eventbrite event details by clicking on the link below.

Who are the trainers?

Kayla and Lisa are two members of our Speech Pathology team at Rocky Bay, are are passionate about the benefits that AAC offers. 

Kayla is a Speech Pathologist and has the role of Advanced Clinician in Complex Communication at Rocky Bay. Kayla is passionate about supporting people with complex communication needs and has worked on many projects supporting AAC communicators over the past 6 years including developing the Tech Talkers parent workshops, presenting at AGOSCI 2019, presenting communication training for all Rocky Bay therapists.

Lisa is a speech pathologist at Rocky Bay with many years experience working with children with disabilities and those using AAC to communicate. Lisa is passionate about helping people to reach their communication potential. She believes that helping communication partners to learn and develop the skills to support AAC communicators is integral to successful outcomes. Lisa has been involved in a number of AAC related projects including an AAC caregiver study at Rocky Bay and development of AAC communication partner resources e.g. Rocky Bay Positive AACtion kit and Techtalkers workshop. Lisa recently presented at the AGOSCI Conference in 2019.

When is the next training?

We are hosting training in April 2021 for our face-to-face sessions, with dates for our virtual sessions to be released shortly.

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