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As November approaches, Rocky Bay customer Jason is nearing a significant transition in his life.

After 38 years of living under the same roof as his parents, he’s about to embark on a new adventure- moving into his very own home at SHIFT’s Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Duncraig.

The decision to explore SDA and find his own home has been a long-term goal for Jason in his NDIS plans.

Embarking on the journey, Jason has been supported by his family, especially Mum Debbie, Support Coordinator, Jodi and Rocky Bay Referrals and Transition Manager, Michele.

Partnering with Jodi and Michele, Jason and Debbie were able to explore their options around their ideal housing and accommodation needs.

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With Jodie’s expertise and connections in helping expose them to different service providers and products, Rocky Bay emerged as the ideal provider for Jason and his family.

What stood out from the rest with Rocky Bay was that everything from building the house to providing support services was seamlessly responsible for by Rocky Bay, offering peace of mind to Jason’s family that the one provider would take care of everything.

Location was a crucial factor when selecting the SDA. Having lived in Sorrento with his parents, Jason’s familiarity with the area, knowledge of bus routes, and proximity to his workplace and local amenities made the decision easier to settle on Rocky Bay’s Duncraig house.

Jason was able to get involved in the process, helping to choose the colours of the 3-bedroom home, and making handy suggestions such as ensuring a dark floor was chosen so markings wouldn’t show on the floor.

Another part of the journey to November will ensure Jason finds a housemates,  with Jason eager to live with someone he can communicate with, watch movies and football with in the open-plan living area, and discuss topics of the day.

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To help with the transition to SDA and preparing for the move, Jason has been working towards independent living with Respite stays, acknowledging that SDA living will be similar to respite except permanent.

Jason keeps his days busy with his job at Para Quad Industries in Shenton Park, having worked there for an impressive 17 years, delivering internal mail. He also enjoys swimming and going out with his support worker to watch movies, particularly action or thrillers.

For Jason’s Mum Debbie, the future move into SDA brings mixed emotions.

While Debbie is eager to see Jason settled and living independently, there’s a natural apprehension about the unknown.

However, there is peace of mind for Debbie knowing that Jason will have the support he needs from Rocky Bay to thrive in his new home.

Jason knows moving into SDA now is the right move for his future.

“I want to move because it’s my choice and not being forced to make the decision when Mum and Dad are too old or sick or dead!” Jason told Mum Debbie.

Jason and Debbie look forward to visiting a Shift SDA home in Gosnells next month, to experience for themselves what Jason’s future  home will be  like .

For other families looking to make the move to SDA, Debbie stresses the importance of having the right people to help empower them to make informed decisions, navigating the NDIS and making the unknown less intimidating and overwhelming.

Through careful planning and support, they are confident this move will mark the beginning of a fulfilling and independent chapter in his life.

As the countdown to November begins, stay tuned for the next chapter in Jason’s journey into his Duncraig SDA.

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“I want to move because it’s my choice and not being forced to make the decision when Mum and Dad are too old or sick or dead!” Jason told Mum Debbie.

- Jason


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