Rocky Bay customer Bernie smiling at the camera while at the cuddly animal farm



Rocky Bay customer Bernie can now visit the Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm all year round, thanks to a generous donation from the Wishing Tree.

Rocky Bay Lead Support Worker Taylah, who has been working closely with Bernie, formed the idea of submitting a Wishing Tree application on her behalf.

After discussing it with her team leader and gathering input from Bernie’s other support workers, it was clear that an annual pass to the Cuddly Animal Farm would be significant.

Bernie, known for her love of animals, often struggled to find activities that genuinely interested her, making the wish for an annual pass to the Cuddly Animal Farm a perfect fit.

“Bernie was ecstatic once we got to the Cuddly Animal Farm and realised she would be able to come back whenever she wanted,” Taylah said.

“Bernie is someone who wears her heart on her sleeve and it was amazing to see her so happy and involved when we went to the Cuddly Animal Farm,” Taylah said.

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The day at the Cuddly Animal Farm was captured in a series of joyful photos.

Taylah noted that Bernie had been feeling a bit down due to some personal changes, but the news of the annual pass quickly lifted her spirits.

The photos depict Bernie smiling broadly, clearly delighted to be interacting with the animals, which reminded her of her childhood on a farm.

“She was initially a bit sad when I picked her up for the first outing,” Taylah said.

“But the outing cheered her up completely.

“She enjoyed meeting with all the animals as she loves them, it reminds her of her childhood as she grew up on a farm,” Taylah said.

Bernie has a limited budget for community activities, so the park pass offers a consistent, enjoyable outing without financial strain.

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Her love for the Cuddly Animal Farm ensures that she will look forward to her visits, which also provides a healthy dose of physical activity.

“It will also help with her overall health as it gets her out and walking in a way she actually enjoys,” Taylah said.

“We’re all so appreciative that the Wishing Tree granted this wish,” Taylah said.

The Wishing Tree is funded entirely by donations when no other funding source is available, and helps make dreams come true for people living with a disability.

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Bernie is someone who wears her heart on her sleeve and it was amazing to see her so happy and involved when we went to the Cuddly Animal Farm

- Taylah, Lead Support Worker

Rocky Bay customer Bernie at the cuddly animal farm

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