Speech Clinics


Does your child have difficulties reading, understanding and using written language?

Does your child have difficulties saying certain sounds or words?

Do they have difficulty making and keeping friendships?

Children living with disability can benefit from extra and specialised support to learn the skills of speech and literacy.

Rocky Bay’s speech clinics provide 1:1 assistance to children living with disability who want to improve their speech and literacy skills. Communication is such an important part of an independent life, and no matter what your ability, we can help you make progress.

Speech Clinics can provide young students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other learning disabilities to go beyond reading and spelling at the single word level to understanding stories and even creating their own.

High school students can learn to plan and use cognitive skills to organise ideas on paper and understand complex texts.

Children with speaking difficulties can learn the mechanics of speech and learn the correct movements to produce the desired sound.

Program Format

There are three Rocky Bay Speech Clinics and each clinic is specially designed to support language and communication challenges.

Typically, clinics involve two assessment sessions, 5-10 therapy sessions, and a handover to your primary therapist or a carer to continue at home. Clinics are conducted in person at Rocky Bay’s Patricia Kailis Centre, Cockburn Central, or by teletherapy*.

We value that everybody is different, so please contact our Customer Engagement Team on (08) 6282 1900 or through the contact form below.

*Some assessments will require in person sessions and are not available via teletherapy. Contact Rocky Bay for more information.






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