Fund your own way

Rocky Bay is here to take the complexity out of funding your services, with as little effort on your behalf as possible. The NDIS may seem complicated, but for us, this is what we do every day. We fully understand the workings of the NDIS, as well as other funding models like Fee for Service or the ICWA. We also know the language to get funding for a broader category. By talking it through with our dedicated Customer Engagement Team, we can open your eyes to things you may not have thought about and point you in the direction of the funding that’s right for you. The easier we can make it for you, the sooner you can get on with achieving your goals.

If you’d like extra assistance, navigating the NDIS on your own is not your only option. You can engage a Support Coordinator to help you get the most from your plan before, during, and in the lead up to a plan change. Think of them as an organiser who will take away the red tape and confusion, make it all feel easy, and maximise your funding. Simply tell them about #yourgoals and they’ll match you with the services you should access in order to move yourself closer to achieving those goals. We have a network of trusted professionals and can refer to the most appropriate Support Coordinator to match your life, preferences and needs. It’s even possible to get funding in your plan to pay for this service – talk to us to find out more.

which service is right for you?

Woman with her client enjoying an activity together.


We know the NDIS inside-out and our Customer Engagement team can make it work for you so you can start achieving #yourgoals.

a rocky bay client receives treatment on his knee by a rocky bay physiotherapist.

Pay as you go

This model provides service availability to those ineligible for government funding and NDIS recipients looking to purchase additional services.

a rocky bay client is receiving hydrotherapy in a pool with his carer behind him.


We accept ICWA funding, providing services for WA residents injured in motor vehicle accidents who are in need of therapy or disability services.

a disability support coordinator works at her desk and smiles at the camera.

Support Coordination

Our support coordinators are here to help you navigate the NDIS to your advantage, maximising your funding to get the most from your plan.

Two young boys at the Family Fun Day are smiling. One is wearing a black tshirt and the other a green tshirt with his arm around the other. The boy in green is holding fairy floss


Donate to Rocky Bay and help us continue to support people living with disability.

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