No waitlist for Paediatric Continence Nurse!

Aug 31, 2022

Toddler sitting on a potty surround by teddy bears

Rocky Bay has an exceptional Paediatric Continence Nurse in Rob Dyke. Rob has been a Paediatric Nurse for seventeen years and gained his continence nurse consultant badge in 2015. Rob’s exceptional ability to connect with his young customers and make them feel comfortable, along with his knowledge and efficiency, has seen him become well renowned in his field for his incredible work.

For the first time in a long while, Rob has no waitlist and is taking on new patients – so if you have a child who needs to see a continence nurse – Rob can now see you!

The parents of Rob’s young customers are quick to sing his praises with how much he has helped them.

An example of this is a review we received from Megan Mcleish – mother of 10 year old Zack. Zack has level 2 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and was struggling with staying dry through the night, so they booked in to see Rob Dyke.

“He has helped us with one of our son’s biggest hurdles. It has eased our stress immensely knowing that things are constantly improving with his night time dryness,” says Megan.

When Zack was originally booked in to see Rob the whole family came down with Covid-19 and Rob managed to rebook them within the month so that they weren’t left waiting.

“Rob is delightful.” Says Megan.

“Zack got along well with him and had no problem talking to Rob and being examined by him. He’s not afraid to talk to kids on their level.”

Incontinence can be an uncomfortable topic for people to talk about, and an uneasy issue for kids, so having someone who makes them feel safe and at ease is really important – especially in customers with ASD who can struggle with social interaction.

“Rob has been wonderful to deal with. Rob actively encourages you to give feedback and ask questions, even between appointments.” Says Megan.

“He responds promptly and is so helpful – Zack and I were instantly comfortable to be working with him.”

If you would like to book in with our Paediatric Continence Nurse click here or contact our friendly team on 6282 1900.

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