Meet Erin – Allied Health Team Leader (Mandurah)

Apr 27, 2022

Erin with her family

Meet Erin, our Allied Health Team Lead based at our Mandurah hub.

Erin is a physiotherapist and partners with our customers to support them to achieve their goals. She has an extensive background in paediatric physiotherapy, working a large portion of her career with the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom, as well as the private sector.

Erin is new to Rocky Bay, having emigrated back home to WA with her family from London. She had the opportunity to connect with our team and utilise telepractice whilst still in London, and is now one of the newest members of Mandurah’s clinical team.

Get to know Erin and her role a little more with our Q&A!

What does a typical day look like for you? 

As the Allied Health Team Lead of the Mandurah Hub my days are typically very varied and interesting, with a mixture of customer appointments, staff management and development opportunities and meetings.

As a paediatric physiotherapist by trade, I have the pleasure of delivering individualised, fun and customer focused therapy sessions in the hub and in the community, helping children and their families achieve their goals – learning to sit, crawl or walk – or to enable them to play with their friends at school. As the Team Lead, I also have the pleasure of supporting and developing the staff and the multidisciplinary services provided at Mandurah Hub. This means that I can spend a lot of my time working in my office and in meetings! 

Tell us more about your experience in allied health and the disability sector? 

I have been working as a community paediatric physiotherapist for 16 years, predominantly within the NHS in the UK, but also in the private sector. After experiencing the role of an acute and community physiotherapist, I realised the opportunities and privilege of providing support and therapy within the community setting to those with a disability.

I have always viewed my role as a physiotherapist to help support children and young people with a disability to achieve their goals; and with the right support help them to exceed expectations. 

How did you come to join Rocky Bay? 

I recently made the move with my family to emigrate (back home) from London, UK to Mandurah, Western Australia. Upon making the huge move around the world I wanted to be able to continue to develop my knowledge and skills with a provider who shared the same ethos as me. I was lucky to be able utilise telepractice and connect with the Rocky Bay team while in lockdown in London! I think it’s so important to be able to deliver an individualised and tailored service to people in their local community, so was excited to hear of a Rocky Bay Hub in the heart of Mandurah. However, I will be first to admit, delivering services within the NDIS has been a steep learning curve in comparison to the NHS!  

How do you support our Mandurah community?

As one of the largest providers of the NDIS within the Mandurah and Peel region, it is a great honour to be an integral part of the community. Many customers have continued to receive ongoing services with the Mandurah team, as we have grown and evolved, changing hub locations, and expanding the services we provide. As the Allied Health Team Lead, I work hard to ensure that we continue to maintain links with local services by participating in groups such as ‘Inclusive Mandurah’, while building links with Rocky Bay Community to help integrate therapy into our customer’s everyday life.  

What do you love most about your role? 

Those who know me, know I am a ‘people person’ that loves to talk, laugh and be around others. I have always loved working within the community disability sector, being able to build rapport with my clients, developing and tailoring my therapy to the individual.

However, the true highlight of my role is working as a member of the vibrant and dedicated Allied Health team in Mandurah. My colleagues have made the transition to Australia, and my new role as an Allied Health Team Lead, an absolute pleasure and have made each day an enjoyable experience for me.  

What do you love to do in your free time? 

I am a mum of three young girls and a puppy, so I’m not sure I know what ‘free time’ is! Our lifestyle has changed a lot since our move to Australia. To sound cliché, we are enjoying the “Aussie Lifestyle”! Typically, we spend our weekends going to the beach, kayaking on the canals, camping or four-wheel driving.

What are three things you can’t live without and why? 

  1. Our dog ‘Hank’. He brings me so much happiness and keeps up my step count by taking him for walks. 
  2. My daughter’s comforter ‘Kate the Koala’, as without that teddy she wouldn’t sleep and therefore I wouldn’t sleep! 
  3. Our car ‘Nessy the Nissan’ as she ensures fun, adrenaline filled family time without a screen in sight! 
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