How telepractice can support you

Dec 15, 2020


Rocky Bay is your partner in possibility, and our team of Allied Health professionals are ready to support you.

Many of our allied health services are offered via telepractice, as well as in person, to support you with services such as speech pathology, occupational therapy, and therapy groups.


Receive services in a relaxed setting or in the comfort of your own home. This is an alternative way for you to meet with your therapist and conduct a therapy session, using digital devices such as computers, laptops, tablets or even your mobile phone. It can be a more comfortable experience for individuals who find it hard to reach one of our hubs by alleviating the stresses of travelling. Using telepractice in a relaxed setting means that you and your therapist can simply focus on reaching your therapy goals.

Enjoy fun and engaging online learning. Individuals who receive speech or occupational therapy can easily access games and activities online, working through them at their own pace.

Rocky Bay Speech Pathologist, Liz Baird, has conducted successful telepractice sessions with her customers, and a recent session with a young customer proved a hit!

The telepractice session worked just like regular therapy sessions and included online activities, reading shared books and our customer was even able to play online games during the session.

Many therapy goals for speech include building on social skills by understanding the thoughts and feelings of others, enhancing language skills, following instructions and narratives – all of which, and more, are still very much achievable via telepractice.

Easier access to quality allied health services. Where you live will have no impact on the services, or quality of the services, you receive. With travel no longer a barrier with telepractice, our services can be accessed from any location making Rocky Bay accessible to everyone.

Customers participating in telepractice so far have been very happy with how engaging the sessions have been, and in some cases have been requesting additional activities to practice in between sessions.

Face-to-face appointments are of course still available at Rocky Bay, and many measure have been put in place to ensure our customers receive safe and responsive therapy.

In addition to telepractice via your device, these include:

  • Services outside regular opening times
  • No waitlist, with therapists available now
  • A range of safety measures implemented at our Hubs

To find out more about our telepractice options, call us on 6282 1900 or email [email protected].

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