Fremantle Futsal Club Giving Back

Nov 22, 2021

Fremantle Futsal Team all together smiling at the camera

Fremantle Futsal Club and Spearwood Lions Futsal Club will go head to head on Friday 3 December – International Day of People with a Disability – to help raise funds for people living with a disability.

The match, to be held at Pro Futsal Perth in Bibra Lake, will not only see the two teams compete in what is the state’s top league, but aims to raise awareness for and help improve the lives of people in the community.

After struggling to find a regular venue for his club to train, Fremantle Futsal Club president Luke Tidy, contacted Rocky Bay to enquire whether the club could use a space at their Mosman Park central hub.

Following a chat with Rocky Bay CEO Michael Tait, the club are no longer without a training venue and now utilise the Rocky Bay gymnasium at Mosman Park each week.

“We’re delighted Rocky Bay could provide a training venue and we’re very appreciative of Fremantle Futsal Club supporting our work and raising funds for the community we support,” says Michael.    

“With the timing of match-day and International Day of People with a Disability, I just thought this game was a great opportunity to give something back to Rocky Bay as a way of saying thank you,” says Luke.

“Rocky Bay is an amazing organisation, they do a great job of enriching lives and the fundraiser is also about doing something a bit different,” he says.   

With options to either donate at the door of the event or contribute to the donations page online, Luke and his team are hoping to raise $2,000 in funds for Rocky Bay, while also raising community awareness around people living with a disability.

Futsal, a modified and faster paced version of soccer with five players to a team, is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

“It’s going to be a great game,” enthuses Luke.

“Spearwood are a really competitive team currently sitting on top of the ladder, and it will be our first game competing against them this season,” he says.

The game between Fremantle Futsal Club and Spearwood Lions will kick off at Pro Futsal Perth in Bibra Lake at 8pm on Friday, Dec 3, International Day of People with a Disability, with all funds raised through donations going directly to Rocky Bay.

Click here to visit the donations page and to contribute to the fundraiser.

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