Flying high at Perth Airport

Sep 16, 2021

Rocky Bay customers standing in front on an Alliance Airlines plane at Perth Airport

We may not be jetting off to exotic places around the world just yet, but that doesn’t mean a trip to the airport can’t be as exciting as ever!

A group of very excited customers recently had the unique opportunity of enjoying a behind the scenes tour of Perth Airport. Our Stages Toward Employment Pathways (S.T.E.P.) team and Perth Airport worked together to organise special access for our customers – the very first tour of its kind offered by Perth Airport.

But the group’s experience began even before the day of their excursion.

Our customers, who are from all over Perth from Mandurah to Two Rocks, were required to register their details, create an online profile and application to receive their visitor ID card. The exercise was a fantastic teaching tool for them, with the process being very similar to applying for a job.

When the day arrived, the group met at Rocky Bay’s Ascot hub and made their way together to Terminal 1.

On arrival the group received their much anticipated ID tags, facemasks to wear (as is mandatory in the airport!) and high-vis vests. They enjoyed special access to both Terminal 1 and 2 during their walking tour, including going through a security screening, gaining special access to the Alliance Airlines Aspire Lounge, and finally a close up look at some of the planes on the tarmac, including the Fokker-100.

The tour ultimately taught the group much about planning, scheduling and adapting to changing routines.

“S.T.E.P. is generally a 1:1 service focusing on the goals of the customer being serviced at the time. This group tour opened mentors up to skill-building themselves, very much in the same way that we support our customers to skill build,” said S.T.E.P. South Team Leader, Savannaha Scott-Pitt.

“…customers fed off each other’s strengths and became more confident in themselves to speak, be in a group setting, to ask questions and make friendships.”

Rocky Bay Activities Coordinator, Joel McKenna, said there were definitely some highlights for the staff members, as well as customers.

“The stand out thing for me was the look on everyone’s face as they entered the Aspire lounge,” Joel said.

“You could tell how special that moment was by the quiet whispers of awe and excitement in their eyes.”

The group also had the chance to take part in a Q&A with Alliance Airlines General Manager, Russell Parker, who fielded inquisitive questions from our customers and shared some fun facts.

“It was wonderful to hear how much thought and research had been put into some of the questions asked…we all got a fabulous overview of the types of employment and jobs that are undertaken at the airport,” Penny said.

“It was the first time we have had such a large group of S.T.E.P. customers all together and we even saw some new friendships develop right under our eyes.”

Our customers were surprised with a gift bag at the end of their tour, which made the experience all the more memorable!

A big thank you to Perth Airport for their excellent hospitality during the tour, with a special thanks to General Manager of Alliance Airlines, Russell Parker, and Perth Airport’s Community & Partnerships Program Manager, Anna Dickie, who took the time to coordinate this fantastic behind the scenes tour for our excited customers!

To find out more about Rocky Bay’s S.T.E.P program, call 08 6282 1900 or click here.

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