Therapy from the comfort of home

Apr 9, 2024

Customer Jasmine is sitting down using her SupaPedal device with husband beside her smiling

Rocky Bay customer Jasmine now has an extra therapy session per week, thanks to the Motorised SupaPedal Exerciser that she can use from the comfort of her home. 

Jasmine previously used the Motomed machine as a part of her physical therapy, until Advanced Clinician Physiotherapist Tanya, found a suitable at-home alternative.  

This alternative piece of equipment allows Jasmine to pedal at home, freeing up her existing session for another therapy session. 

Jasmine’s husband, Chris was eager for Jasmine to try the at home Motorised SupaPedal Exerciser. 

The pedaler helps Jasmine stay active, assisting with maintaining her cardiorespiratory function, muscle endurance, joint range and muscle length. 

Tanya had been on the lookout for a similar piece of equipment without the hefty price tag for a while and came across the Motorised SupaPedal Exerciser which she thinks will benefit numerous customers.  

“It takes the hassle out of the process. Our customers don’t need to deal with the stress of leaving their homes, the travel times or worry about being transported to get to a session”, says Tanya.   

The Motorised SupaPedal is priced under $1000 dollars and small in size making it easy to transport and allowing for use in the comfort of their home or to easily be transported between hubs.  

Jasmine completed a trial of this in her home, and it proved a success, with husband Chris saying that having the machine at home has helped motivate Jasmine. 

“It is so easy to use at home and she is more motivated to use it when watching tv or lounging with our daughters. She has been kicking her legs around more and she has more definition in them. We would use the Motomed for one 45-minute session per week, now we can use the SupaPedal machine at home 3-4 times and do another therapy session instead,” says Chris. 

Tanya says regular exercise is important for physical and mental health and for someone like Jasmine, it’s one of the few ways we can get her actively participating in physical activity.  

“As physiotherapists, we have been looking for machines like this, they’ve all been cheap or break easily with bad resistance. We came across this one and thought we would give it a go and it has proved to be a success. Dressing her is easier, she has fewer muscle spasms and her muscles aren’t as stiff,“ says Tanya. 

“It is much cheaper than the Motomed and if it suits your needs it is a great alternative. The Mobility store in Balcatta has given us one to trial and we are hoping to share it around the hubs so our therapy staff and customers can try it and see if it suits,” says Tanya. 

Rocky Bay are looking forward to trialing it within customer’s homes and at some of our hubs. It is a great alternative that will give our customers access in a convenient location.

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