Meet Abby, Community Team Leader!

Mar 26, 2024

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We’re excited to showcase the dedicated Community Leadership team at Joondalup!

Community Team Leaders handle a wide range of responsibilities, from offering support to our customers to organising engaging activities. They curate programs like Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, painting workshops, and Studio Fridays, fostering creativity while building personal growth and friendships. Their goal is to cultivate an environment where everyone can flourish, discover new interests, and create meaningful connections.  

Read on as we delve into the details of community engagement and the positive impact of these programs. 

What does being a Community Team Leader entail?  

The Community Team Leaders are versatile individuals, proficient at juggling various responsibilities as each day presents a unique landscape. We can seamlessly transition from Community supports to therapy or maybe in-home supports, whilst working together with the team to create an enriched community experience. We pride ourselves on being “The Jack of all trades”.   

What do you love most about your job? Can you talk about some of the programs that are being run at Joondalup Community? 

Dungeons and Dragons – we developed a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign last year to trial, this was a great program that offered customers a new and different kind of group experience. Currently, we are working on a new campaign that we will roll out soon. Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy role-playing game that allows our customers to explore their imagination in a fun and supportive environment. It also develops new skills that will support customers, such as improving their confidence, communication and problem-solving skills. 

Painting and Pottery – we have been very fortunate to engage in painting and Pottery with Art teacher Belinda Kerr. Belinda has helped us develop a program that has been running since April last year on Thursdays at Joondalup. Belinda runs an amazing painting workshop where she supports customers in recreating a painting by following step-by-step instructions while also encouraging them to put their own spin on it. Customers learn specific skills in painting while creating their masterpieces in a fun social and supportive environment. This year we have introduced Pottery to our workshops the customers have loved exploring and getting to know how to work with different types of clay. 

Studio Friday’s – We are very excited to announce the Studio team will be coming to Joondalup in April! we will be starting with the team running three workshops on Fridays such as Mosaic, cooking and Art. 

How do these programs benefit our customers? 

In the past, I’ve encountered challenges in finding meaningful programs for our North-based customers. However, with the establishment of the Joondalup studio, we’ve been able to address this gap by creating tailored programs for our regular customers and external participants. I’m fortunate to lead a team of passionate and imaginative staff who are deeply invested in this endeavor, they have embraced the opportunity to explore their passions and transform them into engaging programs that resonate with our audience.  

What do you think our customers love about accessing community services at our Joondalup Hub? 

Customers are thoroughly enjoying the enhanced atmosphere at Joondalup. We’ve curated a dedicated space where they can engage with others, work individually on their goals, or collaborate with others. The Community space at Joondalup also doubles as our studio, supporting customers to access group activities such as painting and pottery. Some of our customers not only access community support, they also engage with therapy services at Joondalup. This allows customers to engage in a range of supports in the hub to transition seamlessly from Community activities to therapy sessions.  

Does the team have any favorite customer stories? 

Lyndon Tibby has been a loyal customer of Rocky Bay for nearly two decades, gracing numerous sites from Mosman Park to Clarkson and even Ascot. Upon relocating to Joondalup, we’ve had the pleasure of Nurturing Lyndon’s exploratory spirit, encouraging him to embrace fresh experiences while rediscovering old passions. Lyndon has wholeheartedly embraced this new journey, venturing into uncharted territories and finding unexpected joy in novel pursuits. 

Last year Lyndon eagerly joined our Thursday painting group, unveiling an innate passion and talent for the art form. His dedication to experimenting with new activities has been truly inspiring, reflecting a profound willingness to step outside his comfort zone and embrace these enriching opportunities.

If you would like to find out more about Rocky Bay’s community services, you can visit the community page here.

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