Smooth sailing, high flying for Fenton

Feb 23, 2022

Fenton stands in front of a red helicopter whivh is perched on the grass near Crown Perth

Fenton D’Rozario has had an epic start to 2022, ticking off two massive goals from his adventurous list!

The 36-year-old, who resides at our supported accommodation in Eden Hill, undertook one of his incredible experiences in early February – the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation’s Ultimate Challenge Voyage, a five-day sail on the STS Leeuwin II. Fenton’s place on board was made possible by Rocky Bay’s Wishing Tree.

The Ultimate Challenge Voyage offers people who live with physical, intellectual or sensory challenges an adventurous experience that helps to build on their social and communication skills, self-esteem and confidence.

Along for the voyage are five experienced permanent crew and 20 volunteers to support participants of all abilities, who work as a team to complete various games and challenges, and help to run the ship as trainee crew members.

“He was nervous, but excited,” said Carol O’Brien, Team Leader at our Eden Hill supported accommodation.

“It was Fenton’s first solo adventure with no Rocky Bay carers from his home with him.”

Fenton’s favourite part of the trip was learning how to heave the ropes and having the opportunity to climb the masts. He made lots of new friends, did some cooking for everyone on board, and even enjoyed some downtime with a spot of dancing.

“Participants did friendship building exercises and team bonding together,” said Eden Hill based Support Worker, Kim Meagher.

“We could track Fenton’s whole voyage online. He spent much of the time off the coast of Rottnest Island. Still close to home, but further enough away to have some great sailing experiences.”

Fenton with the STS Leeuwin II

Fenton said he was happy to return home after a fun and exhilarating, albeit exhausting, trip.

“He loved the sail because he hasn’t stopped talking about it to anyone – he loves bragging about everything he did,” Kim said.

Just days before his voyage, Fenton went zipping around Perth’s skies with Corsaire Aviation Helicopter Tours, an experience that was fully funded by The Wishing Tree, with Kim submitting the wish on Fenton’s behalf.

“Fenton is just so helpful around the house. He puts one hundred percent effort into everything…both at his workplace and at home. He is a kind, caring and entertaining individual that brings a smile to all who cross his path,” Kim said. 

“He has worked tirelessly to achieve his weight loss goals, with long hikes and multiple laps in the pool, lengthy bike rides and extended workout sessions in the gym – only to arrive home, often after a long day at work, and is only too willing to help with any tasks around the house without being asked.

“I knew that the Wishing Tree was a way I could do something nice for him to thank him…I knew this would be an amazing experience for him.”

Fenton, accompanied by Rocky Bay Support Worker, Lisa Tynan, enjoyed a thrilling helicopter tour from Crown Perth which took them to Cottesloe beach, around the city, and back again.

“It was such a great experience,’ Lisa said.

“The pilot let Fenton and myself sit in the front. Fenton had headphones so he could chat to the pilot and ask questions…he loved it. He loved seeing all the big boats and big houses below.”

Lisa and Fenton

Fenton is no stranger to challenging himself and putting himself outside of his comfort zone. In 2020 he embarked on a journey to complete an indoor skydive. He set himself a weight loss goal which he achieved, and was able to complete the skydive experience.

“We’ve done lots of adventurous things with Fenton. He’s done the Treetops Adventure in Yanchep, and the rollercoaster at Adventure World,” Lisa said.

When asked what’s next on his list of adventures, Fenton has another two goals he aims to achieve soon – driving a car and horse riding.

Rocky Bay’s Wishing Tree grants wishes for customers when no other funding source is available, and is funded entirely through community donations. Click below to find out more about donating to Rocky Bay.

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