Healthy food for all abilities

Oct 24, 2022

Rocky Bay customer cooking a meal at Food Bank in a healthy eating program

Feeling healthy and happy is so imperative to leading a fulfilling life, and we all deserve to feel educated on how to be our best selves.

A handful of our customers were selected to take part in a four-week interactive food literacy and nutrition education program designed to empower people living with disability and their support workers with food literacy skills, enabling them to choose and create healthy meals.

The program delivered a two-hour session, with each session including a 30-minute nutritional education activity, a hands-on cooking session, and a sit-down meal so participants could enjoy the food they cooked together.

James, one of our customers who participated in this program, learnt some useful new skills whilst being able to socialise and have fun.

“James had an amazing time” says Support Worker Team Leader, Kim Sanford.

“He learnt how to cook some simple but tasty food, he obtained easy to follow recipes and it was such a friendly environment where James was made to feel comfortable.”

The program was free for those with disability and their support workers, and is run out of Foodbank WA at Perth Airport. The benefits from this program include improved food literacy skills, increased knowledge about healthy food choices and preparation, basic nutrition knowledge and cooking skills to incorporate into everyday life, and the opportunity to meet new people and increase social networks.

Rocky bay had eight participants in the most recent program, with everyone providing an overwhelming positive response on how much knowledge they gained and how enjoyable they found the social aspect.

The program become the highlight of the week for Rocky Bay customer, Elizabeth.

“Elizabeth loves sitting with everyone and enjoying the meal they created. She looks forward to the class every week and has shown she understands which category certain food belongs to, and the difference between healthy and ‘sometimes’ food,” says Lead Support Worker, Erah Karim.

This program is just another example of how to support people living with disability to live their best life possible, and encourage inclusivity for all!

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