A wait worthwhile for Evanee

Feb 17, 2022

Evanee sits on her modified trike with a red helmet and is smiling

Most of us know what excitement a new bike brings to a five year-old, but for Evanee Ainsworth, a longer wait time made it all the more special.  

Meeting with her Rocky Bay physiotherapist at the Gosnells hub on a regular basis, Evanee had to wait a little longer than most before she could get behind the wheel. 

“Unfortunately Evanee couldn’t ride an off the shelf bike,” says Rocky Bay Physiotherapist Daniella Stoch, who worked with Evanee to try some different options and determine her goals.

Undergoing a bike riding assessment at Rocky Bay some months earlier, it was found Evanee required a more customised bike in order to better suit her level of muscle tone.

That’s where a collaboration between Rocky Bay and disability bike specialists K-Equip stepped in, making a purpose-designed trike for Evanee a reality. 

With a working arrangement also between K-Equip, and South Australian based Body Cycles, Evanee soon had her very own bespoke tricycle designed specifically to her needs.

Outfitted with relevant postural support, attendant steering with a handle at the back of the bike, fixed drive pedalling and pedal straps, Evanee was all set to go.

“Most children we cater to struggle with the rotation but when the pedals and wheels are in constant connection, the rider can just focus on the steering, making it much easier for them,” said Australian Charity, K-Equip founder James Kenneison. 

Needless to say, the tricycle was a hit with Evanee from day one.

“She just loves it!” said Evanee’s mum, Kim. 

“We went down the park today and she didn’t want to go anywhere else.”

With NDIS covering the cost of the tricycle, Evanee can now enjoy her rite of passage of riding her own bike – the smile on her face delivering the true results!

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