Support Worker shifts offers Eunice flexibility

Apr 15, 2021


Eunice Agyapong has worked the past six months as a casual Support Worker at Rocky Bay’s specialist disability accommodation home in Girrawheen.

Eunice works in a very unique role as a Rocky Bay Support Worker, which offers her the flexibility she needs for her professional and personal life balance.

“There was a vacant position which was a 7.00am to 10.00am shift, which I applied for and it was given to me.

“It is a short shift but it has really helped me out a lot being a mother of three kids under seven years old, so it was very hard for me to do longer hours sometimes.”

As a Support Worker at Rocky Bay, no two days are the same. The support teams get to know each individual customer they support, and assist them to live the life they choose.

“I love working as a support worker as my job is always appreciated by customers,” Eunice said.

Eunice’s morning shift consists of helping customers to get ready for their day, supporting them with tasks such as personal care, preparing breakfast, and packing lunches and outing bags for when they choose to access the community.

Once her customers are out and about for the day, Eunice will tackle the clothes washing, tidy up the bedrooms, clean the house.

Eunice’s unique morning shift has meant that she is also able to take her children to any appointments after her work day has finished, and still have the rest of the day ahead of her to run any errands and catch up with family and friends.

“I love this support worker role very much,” Eunice said.

“I can tell everyone who is looking for a good work/life balance to apply for such a position as it is a very flexible shift.”

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