Rocky Bay customer A is looking up at her Foster Mum Karen.



Significant Milestone for A.

A., a 16-year-old female with Angelman syndrome, has recently achieved a significant milestone—she is now continent after spending her entire life in nappies.

Foster Mum Karen anticipated that A.’s journey to continence would be challenging.

However, with the unwavering support of her foster mother, Karen, and the expertise of Rocky Bay continence nurse consultant, Rob, A. has not only gained bladder control but also what Karen calls ‘a sense of dignity.’

Karen’s initiative led her to reach out to Rob through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan manager, seeking guidance and support from the Rocky Bay continence clinic.


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Despite initial uncertainties about A.’s understanding and capabilities, due to her diagnosis, Karen and Rob embarked on a six-week journey over the holidays to tackle the challenge of continence training.

“Rob’s expertise and encouragement played a pivotal role in A.’s progress,” Karen said.

“He provided practical advice on increasing fluid intake to improve bladder health and establishing regular toileting routines, tailored to A.’s needs and preferences.

“I think the day we met Rob has made a huge impact on our lives and A.’s. Who would think after sixteen years in nappies, she could get out of them.

“It’s confidence in her and her ability to learn, that’s what Rob gave us,” Karen said.

How we helped

With Karen’s dedication and Rob’s guidance, A. transitioned from nappies to underwear, a significant milestone that brought both practical and emotional benefits.

Karen’s hard work and dedication were instrumental in helping A. achieve continence.

Simple things, such as Karen performing a celebratory dance when A. was successful, allowed for learning and progress to flourish.

While not everyday results in 100% success, Karen’s advice is to continue pushing on through the bad days when you know success is possible.

The benefits of continence speak for themselves, with Karen noting examples such as cost savings on NDIS plans as nappies add up to a heavy cost.

“It’s also a big cost saving for her, and her NDIS plan can be diverted to areas that will do her more benefit,” Karen said.

“It’s a real pleasure to have achieved this goal with her.”

It was about her dignity and understanding that she can learn and I think it’s a testament to her capacity and personal capability to learn and adapt,” Karen said.

Find out more about the Rocky Bay Continence Clinics here.

A few words


I think the day we met Rob has made a huge impact on our lives and A.’s. Who would think after sixteen years in nappies, she could get out of them.

- Foster Mum, Karen

Rocky Bay customer A.

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