Pictured right is Rocky Bay customer Lileigh and pictured left is Mum Bec. They are hugging each other and smiling at the camera.

Lileigh and Bec


Lileigh, a vibrant 16-year-old with a passion for art and cooking, is a regular attendee of Rocky Bay’s Schools Out Holiday Program at Lady Lawley Cottage, a fun, interactive environment where school age customers can come and enjoy a range of activities in small groups.

The Holiday Program is run at the beautiful Lady Lawley Cottage in Cottesloe, a place that for Lileigh and her Mum Bec, has become synonymous with joy and relaxation.

Lileigh’s Mum Bec describes Lady Lawley Cottage as a place that makes you feel like you’re on holiday.

“It’s beautiful, you can look out and see the ocean, the main house has a white picket fence, and it just brings this calm serenity feel,” Bec said.

“Lileigh just absolutely loves Lady Lawley, even I love the place,” Bec said.

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Since Rocky launched the Schools Out Holiday Program in 2022, Lileigh has enjoyed participating in cooking and art activities during the school holidays, enjoying the treats she whips up with the guidance from our staff members, including the ever-supportive Janaka.

Returning to Lady Lawley after its brief closure when it was run by Red Cross, Lileigh found comfort in the familiar surroundings of the program’s location.

“After it closed, we were hoping and praying and had our fingers crossed that Lileigh would get to go back [to Lady Lawley Cottage] and now she gets to,” Bec said.

Despite renovations underway, the cherished cottage feel remains, creating a warm and inviting space for Lileigh to explore her creative pursuits.

For Lileigh’s mum, Bec, the program has been a godsend.

As a single mum with limited outside support, Bec appreciates the respite the program offers during school holidays. The diverse range of activities, from floral arrangement making to cooking and sensory room relaxation, aligns perfectly with Lileigh’s interests.

“Lileigh isn’t always up for doing physical things and it’s great to find somewhere where you can go indoors and find quiet relaxing activities and just chill out,” Bec said.

“The activities run in the program are right up her alley, she loves colouring in and writing at home. She is very arty and likes to create things and loves to cook.

“So, to take her somewhere where she can do the activities she enjoys, it’s great and takes the pressure off me,” Bec said.

How we helped

The committed staff, especially Janaka and Hati, have played a crucial role in making Lileigh and her mum feel at home.

Bec encourages other families give the program a try, emphasising the unique blend of activities and the welcoming atmosphere.

“We keep going back to help support and grow the program,” Bec said.

She expresses her hope that Rocky Bay continues its work with the Schools Out Holiday Program at Lady Lawley.

“Lady Lawley Cottage has a special place in a lot of hearts,” Bec said.

Find out more about the Schools Out Holiday Program here.

A few words


Lady Lawley Cottage has a special place in a lot of hearts

- Bec, Lileigh's Mum

Pictured right is Rocky Bay customer Lileigh and pictured left is Mum Bec. Lileigh is kissing Mum Bec on her cheek.

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