Meet Kim – Rocky Bay Support Worker

Apr 24, 2023

Photo of Kim Meagher, Rocky Bay Support Worker sitting on a bench in a garden.

Meet Kim Meagher, Support Worker in our supported accommodation in Eden Hills. Kim has worked in the field of support for the past six years, and has been with Rocky Bay for the past four years. Prior to this, she worked in the travel industry booking holidays of a lifetime for many individuals and families.

Kim’s role varies greatly from day to day. She supports customers with daily tasks, accompanies them to appointments or to access the community. She recently supported customers Fenton and Jason on a recent trip to Bali!

Kim is very passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives, which is evident in the amazing support she provides to her customers.

Find out more about Kim and her dynamic role as Support Worker with Rocky Bay with our Q&A!

What does your role involve at Rocky Bay? Describe a typical day

After the morning rush of assisting our customers to be up and ready for the day, I may find myself accompanying one of them to an appointment or liaising with medical or allied health professionals. I may also support them as they engage in one of their many and varied social or recreational activities.

There’s also a fair amount of documentation to read, follow and complete during the day to ensure best possible care for our customers. 

Tell us more about your previous experience?

Before becoming a support worker, I spent many years working as a travel agent – planning and booking customer holidays to exotic destinations around the world! 

My current role as a support worker is similar in that both professions are focused on providing tailored services for customers, as we strive to understand their unique needs and preferences.

What do you love most about your role as a support worker?

I love having the opportunity to build meaningful, professional relationships with the individuals I support. Through these relationships, I learn about their individual strengths, interests and challenges. I find it truly rewarding to work with our customers to identify and support them to achieve their goals. I take pride in knowing I’m making a positive difference in their lives.

What do you love to do in your free time?

Now that borders have re-opened I’ve reignited my passion for international travel! I was fortunate to travel to the U.S. recently and then ventured to several of the Caribbean Islands.

What are three things you can’t live without and why?

  1. My kids – they’re teens! Can’t live with them… can’t live without them either!
  2. My Phone – it provides me with hours of pointless YouTube viewing. Thank you, ‘Algorithms’
  3. Mascara – I don’t drink coffee, so I choose to believe it disguises my sleepy eyes when I start my shift in the morning!
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