Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938

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Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938 |

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Working with Rocky Bay

Rocky Bay values the strong business relationships with our many suppliers and these relationships are integral to “optimising the quality of life for people living with disability”. We form relationships with companies that share our commitment to our customers and to conducting business according to the highest ethical standards.

The foundation of Rocky Bay’s culture is our values. These describe how all Rocky Bay employees are expected to behave.

  • Providing Excellent Customer Service
    We place paramount importance on customer needs in the planning and delivery of our services and communications. We aspire to being the best. We want customers to feel satisfied they are receiving the highest quality support to meet their iTerms and Conditionsndividual needs.
  • Looking for Better Ways
    We are not content with the status quo. We review our performance and look for ways to improve. We keep informed on advances in practices and technology and seek to implement new ways of delivering solutions to the challenges of our organisation.
  • Working Together
    We understand that our success is underpinned by our ability and willingness to work together – with our customers, our stakeholders, within our own departments and across the teams of Rocky Bay.
  • Being Professional and Accountable
    We model the professional standards appropriate to our role, whilst demonstrating respect and courtesy in our treatment of others. We take responsibility for the things we are accountable for. We take the lead in finding solutions, not focusing only on the problems.

Our key commercial principles

Value for money

This principle requires a comparison of all relevant costs and benefits of each proposal to access the total cost of ownership.

Cost alone does not provide an accurate assessment of value for money. The following factors will be considered in making the total cost of ownership assessment:

  • fitness for purpose
  • the performance history of each potential supplier
  • the relative risk of each proposal/tender
  • the flexibility to adapt to possible change over the lifetime of the material or service
  • financial considerations including all relevant direct and indirect benefits and costs over the procurement cycle and asset life
  • the evaluation of contract options (for example, contract extension options)

Procurement best practice

Rocky Bay will strive to adopt procurement best practices and continue to keep up with industry changes and improvements as they materialise. This is important to ensure that we can achieve value for money and realise efficiency.

Our procurement process

The purchase of all goods and services by us will be conducted in line with our procurement process under the highest of ethical standards.
We will seek competitive quotes from potential suppliers for specific requirements as required.

Following submission of completed quotes/proposals or tenders relevant Rocky Bay representative will evaluate all submissions based on qualitative and quantitative criteria.


Subsequently, a recommendation to award contracts will be approved by the authorised Rocky Bay representative based upon the dollar value of the contract. Once approved, successful suppliers will be notified of the decision and the contracts will be finalised.

Throughout the above process Rocky Bay will treat all potential suppliers fairly, justly and without bias. All information provided by the supplier shall remain Commercial in Confidence.

Our commitment to you

We are committed to the sourcing and procurement of all goods and services through established processes.

As part of our procurement process we will:

  • actively manage any conflicts of interest as soon as we become aware of them
  • treat all supplier submissions to sourcing events in a fair, equitable and non-prejudicial manner
  • evaluate suppliers based only upon the content of their submission and past performance
  • ensure that all submissions remain Commercial in Confidence

What we ask of you

We expect that all suppliers and potential suppliers act ethically and with integrity throughout the procurement process and beyond. As such we ask that:

  • all submissions contain true, accurate and reliable information that can be verified and fully supported any conflicts of interest (actual, potential or reasonably perceived) be disclosed as soon as they arise
  • confidential Rocky Bay information is not disclosed outside of the procurement process all sourcing event related correspondence be directed through the respective Rocky Bay representative throughout the duration of the sourcing event


For further information please contact the Procurement team on:

Phone: 6282 1950
Online: Send an online enquiry (choose Suppliers)

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