Welcome Home!

Sep 20, 2022


Wednesday the 28th September 2022 will see some of our Rocky Bay customers move into their own home for the first time. Most of these customers have been in different facilities over their lives receiving care for their disability – but now, now they get to open the door to their new home and live as independently as possible, just like they deserve.

Shift is a Rocky Bay company who open the doors that lead to a better life. Shift are breaking down barriers and unlocking life-changing opportunities for people of all abilities.

Shift create Specialist Disability Accommodations (SDA) which are stylish and designed with clever features to help people of all abilities move about their homes – and next week will see the new Yangebup accommodation open its doors to some very excited and deserving customers.

One of these customers, Mark Fitzgerald, has been in many different organisations since he was a young child – and he now gets to open the door to his own home, his own independence, his own life.

“Mark is so happy to be getting his very own villa with all his own belongings around him,” says Lead Support Worker, Victoria Duffy.

“He gets to have a place to call his own where he gets the privacy every individual deserves.”

Everybody deserves to feel independent, confident, and supported – no matter their ability levels. Shift, alongside Rocky Bay, are helping customers with disability feel this way by creating these beautiful homes.

Congratulations to Mr Fitzgerald and his fellow customers on this monumental next step in your life.

Welcome home!

To learn more about our Shift SDA homes click here or contact the friendly team on (08) 6282 1900

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