Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938
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Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938 |
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Your time and expertise is priceless!

Our approach

Volunteers are priceless – the rewards are endless!

Volunteering is a chance to give something back and really make a difference to peoples’ lives. By donating your time or expertise to Rocky Bay, you will experience first-hand how good this feels!   We can almost guarantee you’ll learn something too.

Rocky Bay is extremely grateful to all our volunteers, who bring unique talents and enthusiasm to our energetic community. Volunteers enable us to run programmes and carry out extra activities that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Whether you’re interested in volunteering as an individual or part of a corporate team, there are opportunities to play your part in the amazing work of Rocky Bay.

Volunteer opportunities

  • Work with support staff and clients to assist various recreation programs such as music, art & craft, woodwork, pottery, computing, sport, swimming, gardening and many more activities.
  • Spend time with clients reading, playing cards and games
  • Volunteers make a difference when joining a group to visit an art gallery, an exhibition, gardens and garden centres
  • Weekly cooking groups – have fun choosing different recipes, cooking together and sharing a meal
  • Administration support
  • Volunteer at Rocky Bay events


Call our Volunteer Coordinator, Jenny on (08) 9383 5135 to discuss opportunities for both individual and businesses looking to create volunteering programmes for employees.

Download the Volunteer Application Form and send to [email protected]

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