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Social Thinking: We Thinkers

Social Thinking: We Thinkers Group works to help your child build meaningful interactions with their peers and family. The skills taught in Social Thinking: We Thinkers Group will guide your child in navigating the thoughts, emotions and behaviours of themselves and others.


Benefits of Social Thinking: We Thinkers Group

Social Thinking: We Thinkers Group provides a fun environment where your child is encouraged to participate in social interactions through games.

The aim of this therapy group is to provide your child with the environment to:

  • Improve their ability to collaborate and solve problems with others
  • Adapt to situational changes and expectations
  • Improve social communication skills
  • Build on their strengths and interests
  • Foster positive social interaction with peers

This group will develop your child’s social communication and self-regulation skills by teaching concepts, such as ‘thinking with your eyes’ and guided play. These concepts will help your child to tune into others, demonstrate flexible thinking and engage in collaboration.


Social Thinking: We Thinkers Program Structure:

The Social Thinking: We Thinkers Group includes:

  • 1 pre-assessment
  • 10 weekly sessions

The goal of each sessions is to help your child to understand social thinking concepts and practice them in play with other children:

  • thoughts and feelings (self and others)
  • whole body listening
  • flexible and stuck thinking
  • hidden rules
  • expected and unexpected behaviours
  • making a smart guess
  • size of the problem and size of the reaction
  • sharing an imagination

Therapists teach the above concepts through stories and structured and unstructured play, which allows your child to practice their skills in a supported environment. By reinforcing these skills through this group, you will see how your child will begin to embed these skills in daily routines.


Who’s eligible for Social Thinking: We Thinkers Group?

The Social Thinking: We Thinkers Group is best suited to children aged 4-8 years who have a diagnosis of Autism. To be eligible, your child will:

  • Have goals related to working in a group in therapy, making friends or improving social interactions
  • Be able to participate in group settings
  • Have good comprehension skills
  • Have introductory skills related to understanding the thoughts and feelings of themselves and others


If you believe that Social Thinking: We Thinkers Group is ideal for you, register your interest and a Therapy Administration team member will contact you to confirm eligibility.


Upcoming Groups

The next workshop starts on Monday 14 May 2019 from 4pm- 5:30pm.  

Social Thinking: We Thinkers will also be held at our Duncraig Office in Term 4. To stay up to date with dates, register today!

Register your interest in Social Thinking: We Thinkers Therapy Group today!


For further information please contact the Therapy Administration team:

Phone: (08) 9555 9101

Email: [email protected]

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