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Social Skills Fun Day

A day of fun, games, and activities facilitating social skills, communication and emotional regulation for children.

Aimed at children aged 7 – 11 years with Autism, the day will be facilitated by an experienced Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist. The fun day offers a small group the chance to practice learned skills with peers, develop new skills under the guidance of therapists as well as experience a taste of the various Rocky Bay groups in a fun, play based environment.

The day will incorporate activities and principles from our Building Buddies, Mindful Movers and Gaming Groups.

This fun day also provides children with the opportunity of meeting new friends, practicing their skills and enjoying emotional regulation activities along the way to keep them calm and centred.

The day will include:

  • Lego Building with role playing
  • Card/Board games
  • Activities using sequences of movements designed to calm and moderate the nervous system
  • Mindfulness and breathing games

Who’s eligible for the fun day?

  • Children aged 7 – 11 years old
  • Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Are able to maintain attention and regulate their emotions
  • Able to participate in some physical postures and movements throughout the group
  • Have emerging skills in understanding the thoughts and feelings of themselves and others

NDIS Funding

This group offers 5 hours of group therapy which is equivalent to just 2.6 NDIS therapy plan hours.

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