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Parenting by Connection Workshop

What is Parenting by Connection?

Parenting by Connection is a 6-week course created specifically for parents and carers who want to improve their understanding of their child’s emotions and behaviours.

Benefits of the Parenting by Connection Workshop

The Parenting by Connection Workshop works to improve the relationships between you and your child and build confidence in your ability to manage tricky situations. The workshop is tailored to meet the needs of those who attend, with the general goals of each session aiming to help you:

  • Understand how to improve your child’s emotions and behaviours
  • Improve your confidence in supporting your child’s behavioural needs
  • Build strong bonds with other parents and carers of children of the same diagnosis, as well as within your family and community

Parenting by Connection Workshop Program Structure:

The Parenting by Connection Workshops consist of up to 6 parents or caregivers and a qualified Hand-in-Hand (Parenting by Connection) Instructor. The workshops are not suitable for children to attend.

Each session includes information that builds your understanding of your child’s emotions and behaviours. The workshop introduces you to tools that build your confidence in supporting and guiding your child. You are encouraged to learn from other parents and carers by sharing knowledge and experiences during these workshops.

The workshops take place during school terms, meeting once a week for 6 weeks for 2 hours per session.

Once you have have completed the Parenting by Connection Workshop, ongoing support and development is available through monthly Parenting by Connection Skill-Building Workshops.

Who’s eligible for the Parenting by Connection Workshop?

Parenting by Connection Workshop is best suited to parents and carers of children aged between 0 and 12 years.

If you believe that Parenting by Connection is suitable for you, register your interest and a Customer Engagement Officer will contact you to confirm eligibility.

Upcoming Workshops

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