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Building at Home Workshop – The Virtual Edition

Using LEGO® in Therapy Group is more than just creating masterpieces with LEGO®, it’s about using role play to reinforce tools that help your child in social situations. Building Buddies Therapy can be an effective tool to develop verbal and non-verbal communication, sharing, turn-taking and a number of other positive social and communication outcomes.

Benefits of using LEGO® for kids with Autism

Building Buddies Therapy Group is a fun and engaging therapy that aims to help your child:

  • Improve their ability to collaborate and solve problems with others
  • Adapt to situational changes and expectations
  • Improve social communication skills
  • Build on their strengths and interests
  • Foster positive social interaction with peers

Building at Home – The Virtual Edition Program Structure:

Building at Home consists of up to 5 families training together via TeleHealth (video conference), with a qualified therapist to guide families on how to use LEGO®  and LEGO®  themed activities with their child to build social thinking, social skills and social communication. A big part of the training is to work with a LEGO® plan that members of the family need to build. Each participant in the home is assigned a role to help them complete the building as a team.

There are a number of roles (i.e. Engineer, Supplier, Builder) that each participant in the LEGO®  build has the opportunity to play to help focus their energy on a particular task and facilitate different kinds of communication.

The group is taking place in the school holidays and consists of 3 sessions over one week that run for 1 ¼ hours per day. Each session will introduce the LEGO®  build and other activities for the day that parents/carers will complete with their child in their own time throughout the day. Parents will also have the opportunity to troubleshoot, share experiences and receive expert coaching during their daily sessions.

Who’s eligible for Building at Home – The Virtual Edition?

Best suited to parents/carers who have a child/children aged 8-12 years who:

  • Have an interest in LEGO®
  • Have foundational social skills
  • Are able to follow complex verbal instructions
  • Are able to maintain attention and regulate their emotions

In addition, in order to be part of this group you must:

  • Have 3 people at home able to join in to the LEGO®  build parts of the training
  • Be able to purchase the recommended LEGO®  set (this may be purchased privately ($55 – 59) or can be purchased using the low tech consumables budget in the core supports section of your NDIS plan)
  • Have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone and the internet

This group will only use 1.8 hours from your NDIS plan under your Capacity Building budget

If you believe that this training is suitable for you and your child, register your interest and a Therapy Administration team member will contact you to confirm eligibility.

Upcoming Groups

  • 29, 30 September & 2 October 2020
  • 9:30am to 10:45am


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